The 3 Day Rule- The Definitive Guide

The 3 Day Rule- The Definitive Guide

Have you ever counted how many times you've hit the refresh button after your campaign has gone live?

If you find yourself doing it constantly , stop. The direction your campaign takes depends on a combination of different variables. But the only thing you care about is getting leads. And that's normal. But, do you know how long you should be running your ads, how long you should test, how long you should wait before you kill the loosing ads?  

Well, after this article, you should have a better idea on what needs to be done, No matter how many times you try to seek out the right strategy to scale your ads properly, nothing ever plays out how you expect it to. By now you have probably learned there isn't a way to avoid loosing money when you are ready to scale your paid traffic campaigns. Because of this , most CPA marketers become overwhelmed with the fear of failing and make rash decisions that cause their campaigns to tank.

The anticipation of getting clicks constantly has you on the edge of your seat. I get it. The idea of making money online seems far fetched until you see the deposits hit your bank account. The real challenge in keeping that dream alive usually is presented once you start making money and have to maintain your cash flow in order to scale.

Let's say you have an offer that is breaking even and you're on your way to making about $10-$20 or more a day in profit. Now that you've gotten taste of what it is like to make commissions, you've grown obsessed with checking your dashboard.  So you finally convince yourself to go trigger happy with your mouse , say a small prayer, and change your settings in the traffic source and raise your ad spend.

You step away briefly ,but when you hit refresh again to check your dashboard your heart skips a beat when you see that your campaign hasn't been getting any conversions. The platform is having a field day spending your money on non-engaged audiences, your not getting any quality landing page views anymore, and the metrics aren't making sense. 

You decide to abandon ship, kill the ad, and start fresh before you loose your money. The problem is that you made this rash decision based on an assumption and not information. 

But there is a better way. Most affiliate marketing beginners don't know how to scale their ad spend beyond $10 -$20 a day  because they don't know how to gather an adequate amount of data to test with. Or worse, they aren't testing at all and just keep starting over when something doesn't work out. 

You can try to put out the fire alone and blindly throw the money you have left on traffic that isn't converting. Or, you can learn apply my 3 Day Rule strategy to improve your  campaigns .

The 3 Day Rule has helped hundreds of beginners become efficient in optimizing for conversions during the early stages of their campaign where its for:

  • Mobile Advertising
  • Push Notifications
  • Mobile Pops
  • Native Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Search Traffic
  • Social Advertising

The beauty of The 3 Day Rule is it helps marketers running any type of ads for any vertical, niche, or traffic source, understand how to analyze data correctly to determine which campaigns will be profitable to scale. 

In this post, I will breakdown how this strategy helps you correctly identify which ads you will be able to scale, the variables that impact your results, and how to increase your profits beyond the 3 Day Rule. In the end, apply the steps and rinse and repeat the 72 hour process to make scaling any campaign less complicated. 

What Is The 3 Day Rule

Did you know that the best copywriters use formulas and sequences to create content for their readers? In marketing you also need a formula and a system to successfully scale your ads. 

The 3 Day Rule is a combination of theories and strategies that I have learned during the course of my own CPA marketing success. I didn't not make up the strategy from theory, but I did combine existing marketing principles to create a strategic work flow to improve my campaign performance. 

It closely resembles the supply and demand equilibrium between price and quantity. The market drops the price if the quantity supplied exceeds quantity demanded. Prices rise if the quantity demanded exceeds quantity supplied. This movement continues until there are no changes, that is called equilibrium.

Now, let's swap out price and quantity for ad spend and data. Think of it like this. Your goal is to spend the least amount possible on traffic to get the highest amount of data. Spending money too fast produces inaccurate data.

How Does The 3 Day Rule Scale Your Marketing Campaigns

You approach in affiliate marketing should be to make a this a business. All businesses have to evaluate their budget to create a road map towards profitability.

You need cash to buy data and test ads. Knowing how many conversions to look for in your campaign helps you ease into the  scaling phase strategically without drawing assumptions.

When you know how to analyze your ad performance early on, you can avoid scaling your advertising campaign prematurely. Testing will teach you how to be patient and focus on becoming more efficient at launching more campaigns faster.

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How To Get Started

 I implemented the 3 Day Rule into my own business in the beginning. I share all of my systems with my Facebook group on my YouTube channel. I get questions related to the three-day rule a lot and that's why I have created this post. You can also view the video below for reference. 

Setting Up Your Campaigns

Start a new campaign with 3 adsets. Optimize for landing page views and name your campaign. For each adset, create 3 ads with slightly different variations.
Set  your campaign at 3X the payout on the ad set level ( Facebook optimizes at ad level automatically)
Budget & Schedule

For example: If the offer EPC is $1.80, you want to multiply that times 3.

NOTE: In Clickbank, there will sometimes be a product with a re-bill payout. Do not 3X the re-bill payout. Only use the initial payout for the 3 Day Rule. 



Set up your unique targeting, change the name variables of your duplicated adset, and modify the placement options for your ads.

Monitor your ads and after 3 days determine which variables need to be optimized. It could be creative, copy, angles, landing page issues, your geographic targeting, or the offer. That's why you need to look at the data and draw a factual conclusion so you can move to the next step.

Why 3X the Payout

because it gives you what is called Minimum Viable Data. That is the minimum amount of data needed to make accurate decisions that will solve problems in a business. 

Conversion Guidelines

Your offer must have a minimum of 3 conversions at the end of each day. If it has reached more than 9 conversions by the end of the 3rd day , then it is profitable. Less than 8 conversions means it needs to be stopped. 

Again...your campaign will need:

  • 8 conversions you need to kill 
  • 9 conversions to break even
  • 10 or more to make profit.

The 3 Day Rule Daily Guidelines


Launch The Campaign

In the first 24 hrs there wont be any profit. I recommend only testing mobile placements in the beginning. You can eventually move onto desktop after the campaign exceeds ROI with mobile ads. Focusing on mobile ads will help you find quality traffic for a cheaper rate.


You want to close with a minimum of 3 conversions on each day going forward. 


Monitor and Observe Your Progress

This is the day where you have to keep your cool and let the system build an audience of users. There is a possibility that the ad performance may be unsatisfactory. This day is critical only if you received zero conversions on Day 1.


Analyze The Results

If your campaign reaches 9 conversions do not change anything and let it run for 3 more days.

Once you have 10 conversions or more, move on to the next step.

How To Scale The Winning Campaign

There are two general strategies you can use to scale your ads.

  1. Automated Rules
  2. Duplicate

Automated Rules

There is a feature that automates your scaling process. At adset level, you increase the budget, set specific time frame, and set your percentage of increase.

If you stay below 50% you will not reset the learning phase.  If you set your percentage any higher it will make the pixel to re-optimize the audience.


This is my favorite strategy. Simply duplicate the winners and increase the ad spend at ad set level. You only need to duplicate the ad once.

Be sure to change the name variables in the duplicate adsets and ads. Wait 3 more days and scale the new winners.

New ad accounts should be scaled slowly. You should increase your budget in small amounts. Start at $10, move on to $20, 50, $150 and so on.

If you a little experience under your belt and have a seasoned account then you can try to do what I do and scale from $10 to $500. As a beginner I do not advise that you follow my lead at this time. It is important to know that your targets will be met with your budget, and this is method just creates unpredictable data.

In the video below, I explore on the topic in a little more detail. 

Beyond the 3 Day Rule

I have started a 3 Day Video Series called "Beyond the 3 Day Rule". In each video I will talk about one changing variable that you need to test.  There are multiple variables involved like creatives, copy, angles, placements, pre-landers, etc...that will affect the performance of your campaign. Sometimes you may not know what to do with the winning ads or how to proceed with ads that break even.

Make sure you follow me on YouTube to stay up to date on my optimization strategies to use with The 3 Day Rule. 

Custom Audiences 

Including and excluding people in your campaign take your targeting to another level. In this video I will discuss how to optimize look alike audiences, re-targeting general practices, and how to properly exclude certain users in your audience. 

The Problem:

Do target audiences apply to the 3 Day Rule? Many ask that question after trying to duplicate the winning campaign and run into an issue with their audiences. The targeting settings mimic the original adset, which produces challenges when you are trying to scale. At adset level, you must change the settings to you want add lookalike audiences, inclusions, and exclusions. But the problem is you may not know how to tell Facebook who you want to include and exclude in your targeting.  

The Solution:

Modify your audiences and create more specifications for Facebook to use. 

For example:

LLA or Look alike audience- Create a custom audience with the data you gather based on landing page views from an offer than has been pixeled before.  I can then tell Facebook to find people with those similarities.

High Payouts

The general payouts for most offers is around $2-$4. Multiplying by 3 is manageable for a beginner. But the payout variable affects your budget and what to look for. In this video I explain how you can apply apply the 3 Day Rule to campaigns with payouts of $100 or more. 

The Problem:

How to approach a higher payout in CPA Marketing. Payouts are usually $1-$55. You could run out of cash, overspend and get conversions, mess up your cash flow. 

The Solution:

Use the same principle as you would on lower payouts, but first figure out how much you want to spend.

Try to convert to a one-time payout per day instead of over a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly arrangement. 

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