Adblade Native Ads Traffic Network Review

Do you want to learn more about the Adblade native ads traffic network? In this blog post, I will tell you all about the Adblade native ads network, including details about payment and minimum deposit.

Voted the largest content-style native ad networks, Adblade can help you monetize paid traffic as an advertiser or a publisher in various verticals. Adblade has access to hundreds of site that will allow you run you cpa marketing campaigns at scale.

With this native ad platform, you get access to an inventory of globally trusted news sites where consumers and business people are most engaged.

There are advertiser requirements where you have to uphold quality. This means that you will get better click-through rates that will lead to more conversions, so it’s not a requirement to have.

For targeting it was pretty generic but gets the job done. Adblade offers geo-targeting by zip code, DMA, state, and interest targeting on all of their ad placements.

Obviously with these traffic sources you have the advertiser side and the publisher side. The publisher side if you want to monetize your site and the advertiser if you want to advertise your offers, and this is obviously what we are interested in.

When you log into their dashboard this is what you see, extremely basic interface with all the basic stats and details that you need. What is interesting, is that they integrate a quality score for the ads, based on the competitiveness of the ad. You can also export all your data to CSV, which is also beneficial.

With a minimum deposit of only $50, you can get started as a cpa marketing beginner and drive traffic with native advertising as soon as possible.

The bidding models are CPC for cost-per-click or CPM for cost per thousand impressions.

You can optimize your campaigns with their reporting as it comes with detailed insight into how your ads perform on publisher sites. What’s useful is the reports are refreshed in 15-minute intervals.

You can also see the number of impressions for ads, the click-through rate, the cost-per-action, cost-per-click, and other important metrics.

In the FAQ section, you can find the answers to most of the questions you might have when getting started with this network. They show you what kind of ads you can create that can be compliant, and also what king of GEO’s they have available for you to run your ads.

Do you wan to see me doing a full walk through of their platform? Watch the video below.

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