AdGaem Affiliate Network Review

Want an inside look inside the CPA network AdGaem? Read this blog post to get a complete overview of the AdGaem network, including payment information and what kind of verticals they offer.

This affiliate network is based out of India and at a first glance at their website everything look pretty good.

Their promotion methods include:

  • Email
  • Search
  • Contextual
  • Social
  • Mobile
  • Display

The AdGaem affiliate network does:

  • User acquisition, you can acquire quality gamers through our games affiliate network that enables you to control your promotions like.
  • Monetization, they have 24 hours support that can help you increase your CTR and ROI
  • Media buying, wide range of cpa marketing offers

When it comes to payment methods they work with PayPal and Wire, and they offer weekly, by-weekly and net 30 payments.

Having a look inside at their dashboard, it looks pretty good with a full overview of the clicks, the conversions and the revenue. Under that they have a nice list with their top offers.

Getting approved on AdGaem is a simple process. All you need to do is follow our link to the AdGaem website. Head over to their affiliate marketing or publishes section and fill out their affiliate marketing application.

AdGaem has a ton of different verticals to choose from, over 800 different offers. Some of the types of offers include cpa, cpl,cpm, cpc, and cpi campaigns. AdGaem’s access to international cpa offers across multiple platforms will help to ensure you generate better ROI on your budget. AdGaem guaranteed its Publishers the highest payouts in the industry.

Watch the video below to see a full walk through of the AdGaem affiliate network platform.

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