Affmy Affiliate Network Review

Are you ready to make serious cash with the Affmy CPA affiliate network? In this blog post, you will get a first look inside Affmy, the “effective CPA network” and check out what they have to offer.

With affiliate benefits including offer weekly NET-7 payouts and pre-designed in-house pre-landers, Affmy appears to be focused on keeping up the trends and listening to their affiliates.

Affmy affiliate network they do not only sell traffic they also monetize it. Their platform has been built with the tracking software Affise. You can promote CPA offers for verticals including dating, astrology, adult, sweepstakes.

You can also find affiliate marketing smartlinks for sweepstakes and one in-house offer on their platform. They did not have too many offers, but over 125 cpa marketing offers is a good start for you anyone who wants to try to find an audience that targets adult dating.

Some platforms perform differently than others, so it’s worth a shot if that’s a vertical that you want to try to promote.

Getting started as an affiliate with Affmy is easy. According to Affmy, they consistently test their offers with performance marketing and collect the data to report those stats to affiliates to help them raise more money.

In order to be one of the best affiliate networks out, they are getting the message across that aims to please both of their publishers and advertisers that do business with their network.

You have a full statistical overview on your traffic and you have available both euros and dollars as a currency, which is very convenient.

They also have a newsletter where they publish weekly about the most frequent topics.

The Affmy affiliate network is a small network that is mainly focused on dating and adult offers. I cannot say that I am a huge fan of the network because I do not run dating offers but if you are interested you can check it out.

Do you wan tot see a full walk through of their platform? Watch the video below.

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