Anstrex Review: The Best Spy Tool For Affiliate Marketers

Anstrex Review: The Best Spy Tool For Affiliate Marketers

Anstrex Spy Tool Review

Anstrex is the most advanced spy tool on the market. With deep data insights, reliable campaign bidding history, and innovative filters, both the solo and bundled packages are worth every penny. 


Their team is responsive, knowledgeable, and receptive to feedback. Even better, we have access to a representative in our AFK forum. 


The URLs and tags have 90% accuracy and are consistently monitored by the team at Anstrex. 


There is not an option for a trial and their refund date is only for 2 days, but their rates are great for beginners and for the value it's priced fairly.  

Overall rating :  5 / 5


  • CPC Bidding history visibility is very valuable for campaign testing
  • It provides actionable data from successful campaigns generated all around the world
  • Paired to top tier affiliate networks for push and native ads
  • Powerful searching and filtering capabilities. 


  • Only a 2 Day Full Refund Guarantee
  • Push and Native Packages are separate


If you are looking to optimize your campaigns, take advantage of an exclusive landing page editor, and leverage data for all of the top native and push advertisers, then Anstrex is the spy tool for you. If you are a beginner learning how to analyze targeting or an expert ready to scale, Anstresx delivers powerful analytics, advanced filters, and global coverage to fit every campaign objective. 

How important are conversions to you?

That seems like a silly question, but It is important to deep dive into your goals for your affiliate marketing business.

But you have to cautious because there are tools being developed everyday that claim to be accurate.

Spy tools is a buzzword in CPA marketing because it can deliver data that directly impacts every campaign. But with experience, consistency, and practice, you can pump out quality ads that can pull high conversions and low CPC’s.  You really dont need a spy tool if you have good testing system in place.

Even though practice and experience are fundamental, I became interested in finding a way to leverage skill and automation.

I have been focusing on growing a team for my business. Because people naturally think about things differently, it’s beneficial to have standard operating procedures in place to make sure everyone is on the same page. But no matter how detailed we may be, I cannot deny that spy tools are able to gather data and identify optimization opportunities better than any person that I hire to run our ads. 

In our AFK Forum we had the pleasure of learning and engaging with the team from Anstrex from a group post.

That's actually when I first discovered this tool. After reviewing the product we came the conclusion that we wanted to learn more. This is what we came up with after checking it out.  

What Kind of Spy Tool Is Anstrex?

Anstrex is a deep data spy tool that supports push notification and native advertising.

This spy tool takes manual labor out of extensive competitor intelligence research and tracking. They are confident in their ability to deliver accurate data at a global scale for thousands of advertisers.

I think you’ll agree when I say you can tip the scales in your favor to make profit on your ads by making use of some of Anstrex’s unique features like:

  • Angles and Conversion Tactics
  • Dominant Traffic Sources
  • Images chosen for the campaign
  • Geographic marketing methods
  • Successful and non successful campaigns

Why Should CPA Affiliate Marketers Use Anstrex

I always think of things from a long-term perspective when it comes to affiliate marketing. As business owners we need to stay one step ahead at all times. Access to a spy tool gives you all of the information you need to instantly get started with running your ads for your CPA offers. talks about a business growth strategy called the " Ramen Profitability". When you hear the word 'ramen' is related to saving money and scraping resources.

It plays with the idea that a startup has to make profit in the early phase to be able to use extra funds to cover the expenses for the founder and the company.  Anstrex can help reach "Ramen Profitability". The objective is to get as much data as you possibly can without dishing out more money for your ad-spend. This tool will help you  save time reaching ROI by divulging the secrets of our competitors in one database. Plus, their own infrastructure is currently growing and improving, so they make a good company to get behind at the moment.

How Did Anstrex Raise the Bar?

First, they teamed up 38 ad networks and 158,983 advertisers. Anstrex over delivers on data their data coverage and analytics. Compared to their competitors, Anstrex includes advanced filters for more than 17 million advertisements including:

Anstrex Spy Tool
  • Searches and Feature
  • Ad network
  • Country
  • Language
  • Device
  • Tracker
  • Creative

Second, by updating deep data on millions of ads daily means accuracy is always critical. Most tools in many industries drop the ball here. Anstrex bridges the gap by provided transparency and thoroughness by ensuring accuracy for:

  • Ad Network Assignment: It's not guaranteed you will receive ads from a traffic source. Anstrex's goal is to to only label ads that are associated to the advertising networks.
  • Landing Page URLS: their current infrastructure that hosts combination of real devices/ emulators/ and IP-address provide the correct information 90% of the time.
  • Past Cloaking: Anstrex records entire redirect chains. This allows users to view the final landing pages for more results will be useful and impressive.

Exclusive Spy Tool Features

Alexa Data Integration

The Alexa tool provides data on website traffic statistics, unique visitors, and audience overlaps. It is also determines which low competition keywords to rank for. This combination extracts data on competitors that could otherwise by over looked.

This feature is not something you generally would see in a push or native advertising spy tool. One of best ways to use the data from Alexa is to review international competitors website data. Combining that with global targeting for CPA marketing makes perfect sense.

CPC Bidding

CPC Bidding is something that I found to be the most interesting within this tool.  There is a way to that track the bidding history from other advertisers. I like this mainly because one of the primary metrics we focus on for scaling is CPC, so this naturally caught our attention the most.

The CPC Bid values represent the bidding histories for each country. This helps with seasonality trends, projections, and optimization. It's an exclusive feature that Anstrex has come up with. If I were you I would check this out a.s.a.p. to understand how other advertisers optimized their bidding for profits. 

Landing Page Ripper and Deployer

The other day I reviewed Adplexity on my YouTube channel. They granted access to a BETA trial of their tool which was super value. One neat feature we went over is that their spy tool will provide HTML files for affiliates to download the landing page's.  (Click here for a link to my Adplexity review). 

Source ids and URLS are easy to edit, but that involves manual labor. Affiliates can customize the landing pages before uploading to hosting service providers. It takes approximately 30 minutes to completed the entire process.

The key difference between Adplexity and Anstrex is with this spy tool there is an exclusive Landing Page Ripper.  The Landing Page Ripper gives you an instant preview of graphics and complete front-end customization and editing capabilities. There are also templates to choose from and other front-end editing features to take advantage of.

Plus, the platform supports FTP protocols. With FTP support ( File transfer protocol), Anstrex makes deploying landing pages faster. The FTP feature also removes the risk of dealing with extra technical challenges.

Do not literally copy the landing pages. Use this tool as a source of inspiration to find good marketing angles and take advantage of testing variables that are already converting for another affiliate or network.

Real Time Alerts

Resources like SimilarWeb and What Runs Where provide marketing recommendations and suggestions.

But Anstrex steps it up notch by creating a real time alert that adds valuable leverage. You will be first to know if any new ads trigger landing page changes, keywords, domain names, or countries. Notifications on this caliber are unheard of right now.

So if I want to automate my testing process to only tracking certain variables this feature would give me the ability to do that. These are things to think about when you have too many campaigns to keep up with. At some point you have to develop a system competitor research faster and more efficiently.

Plans and Pricing

Listed below are the  3 affordable pricing models : Native Only, Push Only, and Both.

Anstrex Spy Tool Pricing

In comparison, this is an affordable option for a beginner after the lifetime discount of 20%. With the support of our community you can get the hang of maintaining consistent cash flow.

Think about it like this. Investing in this spy tool will expedite the launching process and the testing phase. With numerous advanced filters and exclusive tools like the Landing page ripper, this is a no-brainer investment in my opinion. 

In general, spy tool developers offer some sort of free trials. That won't be an option with Anstrex. But I have been given the impression that this company is 100% confident in their ability to deliver. The trade off for not having a trial is a 2 day money back guarantee. If you have the intention on making use of this tool the way it is intended you should be able make back your money if your actively running campaigns.


It's evident this tools can be useful for beginners and experts. As a treat for sticking with me, I wanted to give you a chance to jump into my computer with me and check out Anstrex in action on my YouTube channel. I will show you how to modify filters, search by network, and even give you sneak peek of the Landing Page Ripper and Deployer system. 

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