Colin Dijs Clickbank Mastermind

About the Clickbank Mastermind

Colin Dijs and his team decided to do a Clickbank mastermind because they noticed that a lot of affiliates are interested in running Clickbank offers. The concept of affiliate marketing with Clickbank works like this: you sell products of other people through the Clickbank affiliate network. And for every sale you make, you earn a commission. 

Colin Dijs has created the Clickbank mastermind to show entrepreneurs how they can set up their own Clickbank affiliate business. Students will be able to learn how they can start with affiliate marketing even if they are a complete beginner. The training they will receive will be in depth on how to make money with clickbank traffic. 

The Clickbank mastermind will help affiliates to: 

  • Enter the world of online entrepreneurship
  • Implement a proven system to profits
  • Gain the necessary skills 

All lessons of the mastermind will contain practical information that students can implement straight away. They will learn how they can start building a foundation for their affiliate marketing business. The Clickbank mastermind students will also receive proven strategic business templates and have a dedicated partner on boarding. Not only will students learn how they can run Clickbank campaigns, they will also be trained on exactly how they can optimize traffic for profitability.  

The Clickbank mastermind will consist of a 6 week live training program and it will contain a free week of technical preparation so that everyone can start from day one. The start date of the technical preparation is: the 13th of April. And the official mastermind start date is: the 20th of April. 

For the launch of the Clickbank mastermind, Colin and his team are doing something special. Affiliates are able to register and start promoting the Clickbank mastermind. When they do this they are able to earn a 40% commission over every sale they make. With this affiliate program, registered affiliates are able to earn up to €2000 for every sale PLUS 40% commissions on the upsells that they bring in. 

Affiliate program

And they are doing this BIG! They also have unlimited prizes which they are going to give away. The top three affiliates will receive insane prizes. These prizes include: 

  • A Maserati
  • Rolex 
  • An all arranged trip to Hawaii  

The other prizes are set up in such a manner that anyone can win them. This is essentially how it will work: the affiliates will send the traffic to our sales page, and once the user checks out the sale will be registered to the affiliate’s name. When the affiliate gets sales, they will win the prizes. It’s that simple. (Excluding the top three prizes) Check out the prizes below…   


Who is Colin Dijs?

Colin Dijs is a self-made super affiliate, who worked very hard to get where he’s now. He currently is 27 years old and was born and raised in the Amsterdam area. Colin has a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Colin Dijs

It all started when Colin went to Canada for six months as an exchange student to study at the University of Manitoba. He met someone there and unfortunately, when it was time for him to go back to Holland they had to end the relationship. 

Coming back home was not easy, he didn’t have a job and he had spent all his money in Canada. Which also forced him to move back in with his parents. It was an eye-opener, Colin soon realized that the partying days were over and that it was time to get a job. 

He decided to apply for a job in a call center because it was easy to get accepted straight away. This was a bad time in Colin’s life, he was depressed and felt like he wasn’t doing what he wanted to do. This placed him in a downward spiral, however, he always tried to stay positive and started to look into other ways to generate an income. His short term goal was to keep working in a call center in order to save up enough money to be able to do his own thing.   

He tried out many things and worked on his business for 10 hours a day for 2 years straight before ending up with CPA marketing. He went from:

  • Drop-shipping;
  • to funnel building;
  • to SEO;
  • and finally to affiliate marketing. 

In his “drop-shopping” phase he also bought a course of 8k, which ended up being a total waste. 

However, he did add a valuable friend from this course to his network. Fast forward a few months: Colin reconnected with this old friend from his drop-shipping course. And because this old friend saw Colin’s posts on Facebook about affiliate marketing, he reached out. They had a 3 hour call and that woke the sleeping bear, the next day Colin made his first CPA marketing lead gen conversions. 

During that time Colin was still working at the call center, a very flexible job but he hated every minute of it. But, working there was needed to get things done. Apart from his call center job, Colin focused all his spare time on his business. 

His drop-shipping course friend stayed in touch with Colin and guided him along the way for 6 months, from April 2018 until October 2018. By that time Colin was finally able to quit his call center job where he had been working for the last 2 years.  


The growth of his business was insane, in October he hit his first 10k month, and it did not stop there…It grew to 50k and 100k in the following months. And that was when Colin was able to fulfill his first life goal of owning his own business and to never work for anyone else anymore. In  a sense you could say that the student had become the teacher. Currently, Colin makes about 1M+ USD in revenue in a year with his CPA marketing business activities. 

As Colin experienced some tough times with CPA Marketing himself and learned how to deal with hardship, his only goal is to share his knowledge with others. This resulted in hosting multiple courses and masterminds in which he and his team share their knowledge with students. In addition, his vision also resulted in the creation of a portal with the widest possible selection of knowledge videos for CPA affiliate marketers. 

This portal, also known as Dijs University, is an industry first. It allows CPA affiliates to access a portal which includes step-by-step lessons and informative content about everything that’s relevant in building a successful CPA business. Colin has also formed partnerships with different affiliate networks and advertisers to be able to better facilitate marketers with their CPA businesses.  

Dijs university

Nowadays, Colin does not only share his knowledge and CPA marketing insights, he is also capable to guide his students with an innovative knowledge base that facilitates conversation between content partners like, Voluum, Big Bang Ads, Gotzha and many others, and CPA affiliate marketers. 

Colin has already guided over 1000+ students with his expertise and courses.   

About the April Mastermind 2019

There were 48 students that participated in the April mastermind with a success rate of 96.4%!  The April mastermind was focused around sweepstakes with Facebook ads and Instagram story ads. A sweepstake is a type of a contest where prize(s) can be awarded to a winner. Originally, sweepstakes began as a form of lottery that were tied to products sold. Nowadays, you can enter sweepstakes when there’s something in it that you would like to win. A winner gets randomly selected from all the entries.

Wheel of fortune

Sweepstakes can also be held on Facebook and Instagram, and that’s what this mastermind was all about.

Instagram story ads are a way to tap into people’s passions and convince them to take some kind of action. Currently, there are more than 500 million accounts using Instagram stories of which some of the most viewed stories come from businesses.   

When you run Instagram ads, you have the ability to engage instagram users with your content. There’s also a lot of room to target your ads based on reach, traffic, conversions, and much more. You could imagine the possibilities with Instagram story ads.  

There are over 2 billion users who use Facebook monthly. So it doesn’t matter what kind of audience you would want to reach, you will have a great reach to do this through Facebook. By placing ads on Facebook you will be able to connect with an audience on the world’s largest social network. You can do this by choosing the right ad objective and Facebook’s extensive targeting features. Because of the great potential with Facebook and Instagram, the mastermind was focused on running sweepstakes on these platforms.

Instagram and facebook

The mastermind started off with a technical preparation and progressed with 4 weeks of live video content. These videos guided students in building their own CPA marketing business. And not only did the students have access to the content, they were also able to connect with fellow affiliates.

Being a part of a group is important, when you put a group of success minded individuals in one room, the energy changes. This energy lifts the individual and the group and that’s what Colin and his team noticed during the mastermind. Students raise the bar for themselves and others by challenging each other to create and implement goals. Moreover, they also participate in discussions to brainstorm ideas and more importantly to support each other with total honesty, respect and compassion.  

About the September Mastermind 2019

After the success of the April mastermind, Colin and his team decided to host another mastermind in September. There were 200 students that participated in the September mastermind with a 89.2% success rate! The September mastermind was again focused on Sweepstakes, Instagram story ads and Facebook ads. 

One of the perks of being part of a mastermind is the guidance that you receive from others that already are where you want to be. And because they already have been through the highs and lows, they can prevent you from making the same mistakes as that they did.  

sad affiliate

By leaning on their experience, you will be able to achieve your goals quicker than you would when working alone. That’s because you can use their guidance to accelerate your own growth with less errors and mistakes. 

The September mastermind consisted of:

  • 6- Week affiliate CPA marketing training
  • Daily video content 
  • Personal mastermind on-boarding call
  • Lifetime access to a private community 
  • Access to five of the best networks and advertisers (instantly approved)
  • And much more 

The mastermind consisted of three levels, entry, bronze, and silver. The entry level was perfect for beginners as an entry level, students got access to:

  • The content
  • All the groups
  • Complete communication

The bronze level was ideal for students that were serious about CPA Marketing and ready to take things to the next level. All bronze level students got access to:

  • 24/7 chat support
  • the content
  • the groups
  • All communication 

And lastly, the silver level was for students who were really ready to create a long term business. The silver level students got access to:

  • 24/7 chat support
  • Complete content
  • All the groups
  • All the communication 

And apart from all of this, thé special perk of the silver level was that students got a dedicated coach that called them every day of the mastermind just to give them that extra bit of support.  


All students that participated in the mastermind got over 100’s of ad images that Colin and his team used over time. These images proved to be highly effective to convert people. In addition, students also received templates which they could duplicate. These templates ensured that students could easily implement strategies without making any costly errors or mistakes. 

About the December Mastermind

The December mastermind kicked off with two weeks of technical preparation and continued with 8 weeks of (LIVE) content. That means that it consisted of 10 weeks worth of daily communication. In total 108 students participated in the 60 days worth of video content with a success rate of 91.2%. These videos guided them on their journey of creating a CPA Business. In summary the mastermind consisted of:

  •  A 10 week live program
  • Technical preparation of 2 weeks
  • 8 Week business build 
  • Five different flows: SOI, DOI, PIN, IVR, CC
  • Multiple live done-for-you campaigns builds
  • Full support community
  • And much more

Students also got access to two of the best networks and advertisers (they got instantly approved), which means they didn’t have to search for affiliates or advertisers.

Colin and his team noticed that a lot of their students were struggling to create and come up with great copy. That’s why they provided students that joined the December Mastermind with tons of successful copy they used themselves. All the students also received 100’s of ad images that they used over time and shown to be highly effective at helping to convert people. 

The mastermind was all about mutual support, you might know that business can be difficult sometimes and the challenges might seem overwhelming. When students joined the mastermind they got access to fellow affiliates with whom they could share their issues Additionally, they were able to develop deep and meaningful friendships alongside their new business network.


The mastermind was all about letting students achieve their goals. Based on their experience as media buyers Colin and his team were able to accelerate their students’ growth with less errors and mistakes. The greatest part of being a part of a mastermind is the guidance you receive, because with experience comes speed.

And not only were the students guided by Colin and his team, they also got introduced to a community with like-minded individuals. In this community, students were able to network with some of the top CPA gurus and individuals just starting with CPA marketing. And even after the mastermind, the students would still have access to this network. It’s for a good reason that people always say that your network is your net worth. 

About the Clickbank Mastermind

Colin and his team have been running Clickbank offers for a few weeks now and they’re having huge success. That’s why they decided to host a Clickbank mastermind. In this 6- week live program students will be able to learn how they can be successful with Clickbank and start earning money online themselves. 

Colin decided to go for a mastermind and not for a course because with a course you only get the course materials without additional support. Colin has followed a lot of courses himself and from his own experience, support is a key element of being successful. That’s why the mastermind includes:

  • A support group
  • Email support
  • Skype support 
  • Phone support

Road to success

In this Clickbank mastermind, students will get live training through daily video content. They will also have access to a group coaching call twice a week. And get a dedicated partner onboarding, which makes life easier for students that are not that technical! In this Clickbank mastermind students will also receive: 

  • A database of proven Facebook and Instagram ads + landers 
  • Email marketing swipes 
  • Colin’s personal native ads library 
  • One additional FREE week of technical preparations

So in total, the mastermind will consist of 7 weeks of live content. Six weeks of core content and one week of technical preparation. This will all be included in the open plan, there’s also a super plan available which will include:

  • A dedicated 1-on-1 coach 

The super plan is perfect for a beginner who has some money to invest or for someone a little more advanced wanting to take things to the next level. 

The Clickbank mastermind will have a big focus on Native ads and Facebook ads. These two options are based on the student’s budget. Colin and his team recommend beginners to have a minimum of $500 for ad spend. For the more advanced students the recommendation is native ads with a minimum of $1000 for ad spend. The additional tools will cost around $88. 

Spending money

  • Technical start date: 13th April 2020 
  • Official mastermind start date: 20th April 2020 

All early bird students get special perks and some fast action bonuses, they will get:

  • Three done for you campaigns, which they can implement immediately (a Native, Facebook, and Instagram campaign)
  • Personal 1-on-1 onboarding call, to guide students in the right direction before the mastermind has even started 
  • A weekly group preparation call with Colin Dijs

And the first 100 students will get access to Colin’s library where they can see his real campaign insights live. Every week he will upload a new video to his library, where you can see live results and the way he is running things. 

Live lessons

The Colin Dijs Clickbank mastermind will help students to start building an affiliate marketing business. They will receive a proven system which makes it easy for them to enter the world of online entrepreneurship. All research has already been done which means that students don’t have to spend years finding the right information and gaining the necessary skills. All students will be guided by Colin’s step by step blueprint in creating a passive income. This blueprint will include:

  • A step by step process of creating profitable CPA flows: Students will learn exactly how they can start with affiliate marketing even when they’re a beginner 
  • Multiple done campaigns builds: Students will be able to watch how Clickbank affiliate marketing campaigns are built from scratch. 
  • Access to exclusive traffic partners: Students that join the Clickbank mastermind will automatically get approved to top traffic partners. They will also receive exclusive partner deals, which will save them a lot of money. 

Students that join the Clickbank mastermind will learn everything that there is to know about affiliate marketing with Clickbank. However, the Colin Dijs Clickbank mastermind will not just be limited to one traffic source, it covers three! (Facebook, Instagram and Native Ads). Colin has spent years building up his knowledge and experience and students will be able to access it all. 

Mastermind Partner: Voluum

Voluum is a sophisticated tracker which allows you to track your online campaigns. Their real-time analytics platform is able to show you the exact demographics of who is clicking and converting on your campaigns. The system was designed by Codewise, the leading provider of ad exchange and ad measurement & optimization software platforms. 

Voluum logo

With Voluum you will be able to optimize your conversions by A/B or split testing your landing pages. You will have an overview of all important data in one place, this will make it easier to monitor your progress and profitability.

A tool like Voluum is indispensable and 100% required in today’s competitive online advertising market. You will be flying blind without such a tracking tool. 

With advanced analytical features and built-in optimization tools, this sophisticated tracker will help their clients to successfully start and run their own CPA Marketing businesses. To learn more about Voluum, please visit:

Mastermind Partner: Voluum DSP

Voluum DSP is a native ad platform to buy, track, and scale your global advertising. It ties the top ad exchanges into one, easy to use platform for performance marketers. 

Voluum DSP is built on the Voluum tracker infrastructure which brings your performance marketing experience to the next level. With Voluum DSP you will be able to take advantage of 24/7 campaign approval with clear compliance guidelines. 

With Voluum DSP you can:

  • Buy traffic that converts from multiple ad exchanges
  • Track your performance with our built-in tracker
  • Easily scale with the support from our experts

To learn more about Voluum, please visit:


If you are looking to build an online business, the Colin Dijs mastermind will give you the skills and resources needed to do just that. You will be guided along the way and every step of your affiliate marketing journey will be aided by a community of fellow affiliates, first class education, and super affiliate guidance. 

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