CPA Kitchen( Biggico) Affiliate Network Review

CPA Kitchen( Biggico) Affiliate Network Review

Biggico(renamed CPA Kitchen) is kind of different from the typical affiliate network you’re used to. This affiliate network is the one who specializes in the promotion of products and services relating to Cryptocurrency.

How to signup to become an affiliate on CPA Kitchen

All you need to do to sign up is fill in a short form in which all fields are necessary except the one which needed you to add your Instant messenger contact.

As soon as you are done filling the signup form, all you need to do is to confirm the email address. There’s nothing like you waiting for your account to be approved, or having a frustrating interview through messenger.

Benefits of being an affiliate of CPA Kitchen


The blockchain-based technology is used to track every transaction on CPA Kitchen, and this guides their affiliates commissions from being shaved by the advertiser.

Payout from two days

CPA Kitchen pays the commission of every offer as prompt as they can be. Direct the profits you make quickly and safely.

Personal manager

When you become an affiliate on CPA Kitchen, you and all other affiliates will be given a personal manager who’ll always be available for you and will give you an explanation on how you can make use of your system properly.

He will also advise you on the types of offers that are profitable and tricks you can use to convert ads. The manager will also optimize your work and assist you in earning more with the services on CPA Kitchen.

Real-time statistics

The tracking system of CPA Kitchen gives affiliates the chance to monitor the flow of their traffic, conversions, and transactions in real-time.

However we still recommend you to use external tracking software like Voluum Tracker.

Some other benefits of becoming an affiliate of CPA Kitchen

  • Exclusive offers
  • A whole lot of cryptocurrency offers
  • Competitive commissions
  • Up to sixty percent rev share
  • Weekly email about updates and news
  • Rewards for best affiliates
  • Timely payments: affiliates will get their earnings on time

Supported payment options on CPA Kitchen

The minimum payout on CPA Kitchen is $500. CPA Kitchen supports several payment options, and they are listed below


CPA Kitchen is an international advertising platform that works with partners worldwide.They have over thirty profitable direct offers, which pay up to 60% revenue share and $550 CPA.

Their offers are distributed into several verticals such as; Cryptocurrency, Gambling, Trading, and some other programs.

Their aim is to help advertisers get what they paid for, and also assist affiliates on how they can get more traffic and conversions.

They also offer a referral bonus of 5% anytime you refer someone to them. All you need to do is to copy your ref link and share it with people. There’s no limit to how much you can make through their referral program. Try out Biggico now, and you’ll be sure glad you did!

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