Affiliate Network Review

Do you want to learn more about the affiliate network? In this blog post, I will give you all the details about the affiliate network, including payment details, and their most popular verticals.

They are an affiliate network that are based in the Netherlands, actually pretty close to our office in Amsterdam.

They proud themselves by trying to develop a close relationship with their advertisers , and trying to provide them the highest rates of traffic. But the actual question is how high?

You have access to thousands exclusive CPL, CPI, Pay-Per-Call, CPS, CPA, CPE etc. offers.

I hope that you are quite the hustler because the minimum payout is $250.

That will give you the motivation to level up from their Net-30 payment frequency to daily payments once you have more paid traffic volume and quality leads. You can get paid by check, PayPal, wire, Bitcoin, Ethereum.

This affiliate network has a pretty clear dashboard that is simple to navigate through. When you log in you notice that is using the TrackAff tracking system.

There is one downside is that they do not have a lot of cpa offers to get started with cpa marketing, but somehow they managed to have an offer for just about every vertical including finance, dating, sweepstakes, and finance.

You can say that they are a sweepstakes/ adult network, but they manage to have a few offers from each vertical.

In the dashboard, under the statistics tab you can get a very detailed overview, of all the hits, the days, approved and declined offers, conversion rate, EPC, etc.

They also have a blog where they post informative articles about the affiliate marketing industry and discounts that they offer for other partner companies.

Do you want to see me do a full walk through of their website and dashboard? Watch the video below.

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