Creating the Customer Experience with Codewise

“Developers and customers… they are on different ends”

Colin Dijs

CEO, Deberoo 

Take a dive into the backend of one of the biggest corporations at the heart of affiliate marketing

This interview features the smart and intelligent Ewelina (Jania) Chrzanowska, Head of Customer Success & Account Management with Codewise. She heads the team that gets new clients set up and ready to go with affiliate marketing with their tracking and traffic source solutions, Voluum and Zeropark.

Imagine having your own personal butler , but not one who will help you pick out clothes or a meal. But one that will help you set up automation and optimize campaigns correctly. The support you get can make or break your progress with affiliate marketing.

Keeping the user in the forefront means their daily tasks are to make sure customers experience success in every aspect of their affiliate journeys with Voluum.

Ewelina peels back the curtain on how to handle the 3 biggest factors a beginner in affiliate marketing might struggle with. According to her these might be:

  • Technical difficulties aspects like linking the traffic source and the affiliate network
  • Optimization – beginners need to find perfect matches, which can be tricky with no expert support
  • Automation – most platforms have presets,

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Some of the questions you will find the answer to are

  • How to track conversions 
  • How to make money online – just kidding – but you will get a lot of guidance on how to run an affiliate business that does have a huge potential of making a lot of money.

As creators of teaching programs we assume we know how the consumer is going to use that product, but we find out that the developer and the consumer are placed on different ends. That sometimes can be difficult. 

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There is a lot of data to take in when it comes to Voluum and Zeropark. But their dynamic is contagious and these guys get it,  With Ewelina’s hands on deck you know that you’re in good hands. If you enjoyed this podcast and want to catch some of the others, make sure you join Deberoo’s AFK FORUM or Facebook Groupyou can stay up to date with all the latest news in affiliate marketing.

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