Here’s a Quick Way to Solve Low-Quality Push Traffic: Datspush by Leadbit Review

Datspush Review Summary

Push ads are can bring fast ROI and take you from $0 to $100 in profit in a matter of days. You can start your campaign within in 1 minute and get your ads approved within 30 minutes to start making money online with push ads by monetizing traffic as an advertiser or a publisher with Datspush. 


  • Quality Push TrafficWork with trusted webmasters for high quality traffic. 
  • Transparent Reporting and Financial FlowReporting and Bidding transparency make for better payout and optimization efforts.


  • New Traffic Source So Volume Is Still InterestingThe volume cannot be pushed to high reaches just yet.
  • You loose traction by being outbidIf someone outbids you in a certain geo your ads won’t get any traffic. 


The interface of Datspush is easy to use and simple to set up your campaigns with. 

Who is Datspush?

Datspush by Leadbit is an exclusive push notification traffic exchange. They are Leadbits premium tracking source for cpa marketing. Affiliates can enjoy daily payouts, submit low bids for most countries, and create highly profitable campaigns. 

Datspush advertises and publishes web notifications, mobile push notifications, and rich push notifications. The beauty of that is once the user accepts the notifications they are automatically a qualified lead.

Why Should Affiliates Sign up 

They have a transparent set up for advertisers and publishers. Their push campaigns occur 8 times during the day from 9:00 – 23:00 and 2 times at night according to the user’s local time. In the daytime, pushes are sent every to your audience 2 hours. 


  • 95,000,000+ views on the Daily! growing every day
  • Coverage of more than 250 countries
  • Payment by CPC model
  • Fresh, database that is updated and expanded daily.
  • Advanced targeting options
  • Ability to manage your own mailings using Frequency and Capping
  • 80% mobile / 20% desktop M / F – 75/25%
  • Moderation of your creatives 24/7 and adequate support in Telegram and Skype


  • Many landing page options with click rates up to 15%
  • We accept both http and https sites to take the stress off of having SSL
  • Super simple script setup
  • Reliable pay net7 accesibility
  • Trust offices are ready to pay for traffic
  • You can set conditions as webmasters with their sites and for large volumes of traffic
  • Clear and convenient statistics in real time

Ways To Advertise With Datspush

Mobile push notifications appear in the “screen curtain” of mobile devices. When a user opt’s into the notification, it is triggered when there is a new activity and it places the alert in the phones notification tray. The user will see the formatted ad creative image or logo, a detailed headline, a call to action, and a URL for the offer. 

Web notifications appear in the corner of the desktop browser display area. When a user visits a website there is an alert that will ask them if they would like to receive updates or news from the platform. The user can then accept or decline the request. If the request is accepted, there will be a notification triggered on the desktop in the browser display area.

Rich push ads include rich media attachments that can be in different formats like .jpg, jpeg, and png. You can have a few hundred characters in the headline. For conversions you can expand into interactive media with videos and audio in addition to still images. 


Datspush Best Performing Verticals

How To Start a Push Traffic Campaign

Creating a push notification campaign with Datspush first starts by choosing the creatives for your push ads in the campaign. They do not offer creatives for the notifications, so you will need to make sure the image is sized properly.

The dimensions you should stick with are 192×192 for the icons seen for mobile push notifications. For rich push notifications and main ad images, you want to use 492×328 dimensions.

After signing up you will first approach the dashboard. Here is where you will be able to track your data and access your resources for the platform. 

Datspush Dashboard

From your dashboard you select the campaign option to create your new campaign. 

Next, fill in the general settings of the campaign:

  • Name – company name;
  • Category – select one of 6 available categories;
  • Budget limit – budget limit;
  • Daily budget limit – daily budget limit .

You will then set up the target for your push notification audience and targeting options from the following:

  • Browser – browser;
  • Platform – platform (OS selection);
  • Country, Region, City – a country, region, city;
  • Device type – the type of device.

The next options, white list IP and blacklist IP,  can be used for targeting to specific ranges of IP addresses.  This is useful for targeting by mobile operators and is pretty much useless for targeting by users, since their IP addresses are constantly changing.

  • White list ip – white list;
  • Black list ip – black list;
  • Start at –
  • Category – specify the category;
  • Title – write the title of the ad;
  • Text – ad text;
  • URL – advertised url.

Towards the end you will finalize your bidding options. 

  • Icon file – an icon (size 192×192);
  • Image file – the main creative (size 491х398);
  • Bid price – set the price per click;
  • Frequency – the frequency of displaying Push notifications in seconds. By default – 7200 sec., This is an interval of 2 hours;
  • Capping – the number of hits per subscriber, you can set from 1 to 9 times.

Your audiences work as re-targeting ads in Datspush. After selecting “Start Campaign”, you can choose to “collect an audience” in the campaign settings. 

All users who clicked on your creatives in the campaign will be gathered to this audience. This gives you the option to use a full audience as a target. It will be important for optimization reasons to consider what you want your frequency and capping options to be. 

Datspush Dashboard

When you decide on the offer you will use for your traffic, it’s recommended that you begin by testing multiple creatives for your push ads. Try starting with 3-5 to test and rotate within the campaign

​Campaign Optimization

Ideally, your push notification campaign will have high notification views, high click rates, and low CPCs. Mobile push advertising is probably the best starting point for affiliate marketing beginners.

Your CPC an click through KPI’s should be your top priority for your campaign optimization. The traffic from Datspush is distributed worldwide in 250 countries. The payout that you get as an advertiser and publisher depends on the quality of your traffic. 

The CPC range can be from .003-.015 in your target geo. Because this is a bidding platform there is a realistic chance that you may not be able to get the desired traction you are expecting for your ads.

While you are setting up your bid, you will notice a tool that gives you an estimate bid that you should be close. If you notice odd spikes in the amount it could mean another advertiser has outbid you for that region. 

A good way to work around that is to turn off your campaigns during certain times of the day. After reviewing the conversion rates by the hour, you draw conclusions that will help you maximize your potential ROI.

While you monitor your campaigns for time, you should also be keeping an eye on low performing geos and IP address. If your getting tons of impressions, a few clicks, and zero conversions, then you can also build a blacklist to help you optimize your campaigns.

You could even consider blacklisting sites that get a conversion to reduce your ad frequency. If its a desktop targeted offer that converts the user once, then there is no need to show them the ad again.

Deposit and Investment 

Publishers get payments by Revshare or CPA. The advertiser would pay 75% of the click price on the revshare payment model. The CPA payment model payment starts at $20 per 1000 push notification installations.

Advertisers have to make a deposit before getting their campaigns going. It only takes a minute and the initial investment is $50. 

Support Ecosystem

Affiliate Managers

To be successful with Push advertising you have to play your cards right. Affiliate managers are going to be your best friends at Datspush so that you can know what those offers are.

Technical Support

Skype is usually a solid method of communication for account managers. Publishers and Advertisers have separate channels, make sure you message the correct one. 


Datspush Support Request

Upon signing in you will notice a news area on the left display area of your dashboard. I found this particularly interesting as it may answer a question you may have had. If multiple advertisers or publishers are experiencing the same challenges you would be able to view them there. . 

Datspush News

As a self-serve platform, Datspush takes care of the heavy duty work after you submit your ad. They help monetize sites while selling high quality traffic. Do you think your’e going to give Datspush a shot?

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