3 Ways to Go Toe to Toe With Facebook Ad Account Bans

3 Ways to Go Toe to Toe With Facebook Ad Account Bans

It’s the moment you dreaded.

You logged into your  Business Manager account and your heart drops.

Facebook just gave you the ax. Your account has been banned.

So now you sit there staring at your computer screen seeing all of your profits slip through the cracks.

There’s no question that not being able to run campaigns is killing your grind, especially if you just stumbled on a hot offer.

But it’s not the end of the world. It doesn’t mean that affiliate marketing is dead. And your next move will prove how dedicated you are to building your digital empire.

Facebook ad account bans happen to the best of the best.

It makes it hard to keep your spirits high in your business when:

  • It’s virtually impossible to find the chat support link in the Ad Help Center
  • Once you do find the link you’re stuck getting acquainted with a bot
  • You thought you could get by without using a tracker then you just ruined your chances of getting any useful data

Honestly, you most likely have better things to do with your time than deal with an account ban.

Zuckerburg and his army are willing to sacrifice a little chunk of money just to keep the people coming back for more. 

If you’re shocked, then you shouldn’t be.

This article is going to help you gear up and prepare to go toe to toe with a lot Facebook.

Even though Facebook ads account bans time consuming you can focus on the solution and not the problem at hand. So perk up, stop sweating it, and let’s dive in.

Get Familiar With the Platform

If you are a CPA affiliate marketing newbie, the best way to get your feet wet is to get the answers straight from the source. If you are playing with greyhat and testy verticals, then you can handle account bans and ad rejections more swiftly when you exactly what you’re up against. 

The million-dollar question is that will be asked for all eternity, “how do you avoid Facebook ad account bans?”.

It leaves you with a decision to make. You can either:

A. go mainstream cold turkey and run campaigns completely whitehat

B. figure out how to get crafty with the system and go greyhat

C. be mischievous and come up with black hat methods to scam your way to profits.

No matter if you pick A, B, or C, you’re bound to get banned by Facebook at some point in the beginning.

There’s things you can try to do to keep your account from going under. But you should also take time to review your deliverable and examine your skill sets as an affiliate marketer. You will need consistent constructive criticism so that misplaced blame isn’t put on the traffic source , the audience, or the product. 

There’s also times where none of those things even matter. Your account can be shut down for a very specific reason or no reason at all. 

I know what you’re thinking “ So why should you even run ads with Facebook if it is so difficult to avoid getting my account banned?”

This takes me back to my original point about getting familiar with the Facebook advertising platform.

Here’s something I’m sure we both agree on. 

Facebook is an auction platform where you are not bidding based on intent. You are bidding to win over people’s attention.

Since you are trying to bid for impressions and have your ad’s show up onto more timelines to get tons of clicks, you’re going to be in competition with other businesses trying to do the exact same thing.

The sooner you realize that Facebook account users are not searching for something buy, subscribe, or sign up for, the sooner you may start seeing conversions start flooding into your campaign.

You’re lucky if you can pull someone away from the comment section of a viral video or trending topic.

So all that means is Facebook likes to put the users first. You should probably try to adopt a similar approach.

Why is that? 

Because you are going to learn how to make money on rented turf, Facebook. And tons of it.

But to do it the right way, you have to also start putting the following things in motion to solve the following problems that can get your banned in the early stages.

Avoid Putting Your Eggs In One Basket

Having only one business manager account and no additional ad accounts set up is a guaranteed way to stall your business.

Some new affiliates are not aware that they can have multiple business managers and ad accounts at one time.

Focus on building a Facebook advertising ecosystem. The methods are not something you can learn in a course. People figure out how to get their accounts back by spending hundreds of dollars and endless hours working through their setback.These strategies are covered in all of the masterminds that are held. I also update the members areas with any updates or changes. For example, when CBO drops for Facebook Ads, all the mastermind students will have access to the strategies on how to bid properly for certain verticals on Facebook.

For best practices, always avoid using the personal account. Have at least 2 business managers set up and as many ad accounts opened in each of them that you can keep active.

You never know when you may need them and it would better to start “warming” up those accounts before things start to hit the fan. This is a strategy that we dive a little deeper into behind the scenes.

Watching your daily threshold in those new ad accounts is also  important. As a new advertiser you do not want to send any red flags to the system. If you try to spend too much too fast it makes you appear to have negative intent on how you want to use the platform.

Don’t act like the kid in the candy store with money burning in your pocket. Keep it cool and stay under the radar and moderately increase your ad spend over time.

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Don’t Let One Rejection Ruin Everything

Everyone doesn’t have the luxury of being able to an account manager in their contact list from Facebook.

You’re going to be up against a big bad bot 90% of the time. Which means that you will get templates as responses that wind up being dead ends.

So respond back with a few of your own to that will help you negotiate the terms to get your advertising account back.

Sometimes the final answer is never final. Your persistence may not pay if you know you were running aggressive campaigns with heavily attributed ads

Appealing to the ban should always be your first step. Even though you have a good idea of why you got banned, you still can still get the dialogue started as to why.

Don’t Underestimate The Importance of Quality

Since direct linking straight to your offer is out of the question, it’s up to you to set up your bridge pages according to Facebook advertising standards. 

Facebook keeps an eye on its users like the flight aviation patrol does with high profile airline passengers. Their journey from your ad on their platform to your landing page is being watched like a hawk. 

Landing Pages

Sometimes, your custom domain name can be the deal-breaker. Make sure you’re not setting yourself up for failure, check out the reputation of your domain. 

There are times when your domain may be expired and could have triggered something unforeseen on the back end. After you take care of that, make sure you index your domain on major search engines. 

Page speeds are often overlooked as well. Some landing page builders load really slow. Sharing servers on a platform servicing hundreds or thousands of clients can slow down your portal drastically. Drop off rates can be the bottleneck of your campaign for this reason. 

Appropriate Disclosures

You also have to make sure that your Terms and Conditions, Privacy policy and Facebook disclaimer are visible and updated. 

If you are not sure where to get documents like this, then you can grab a copy from the AFK Forum, among tons of other valuable resources. Or you can consult with a legal professional if you want to get your documents customized.

Incomplete Profiles on Facebook Pages

Rushing to throw something together can be one of the top reasons to get your ad account banned. Appearing authentic should be your top priority.

Complete the profile information  your page thoroughly. This in return will give you an established front to help your account stay up and running as long as possible.

That will include

  • A link to a website or landing page
  • Contact information provided so that it appears that you can be reached
  • Uploading professional banners and logos to the page

Coming Out On Top

The key to making this a long term business is adapting. Running ads on Facebook will always be an uphill battle. But the creepy targeting, access to everyone in the world, and cheap ad costs make it worth it. 

Running ads for sweepstakes offers on a daily basis means that you may run to more account challenges compared to other affiliate marketers in different verticals. But it was not the end of the world. This is the test that defines you’re goals in affiliate marketing. This is  is where people run into trouble all of the time. This is where you can give up the first time you are thrown off track.

Its never a matter of “if” but “when” there will be a change to make things a pain in the ass for you as a media buyer.

If you are someone who hasn’t run any campaigns out of an attempt to try to prepare for an account ban , this 3 step training should motivate you get started. If this is not quite your cup of tea just yet, stick to it and battle the shiny object syndrome. Not all super affiliates were born overnight.

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