Froggyads Review

Froggyads is an advertising platform great for every publisher and advertiser. Joining this ad network is very easy, and you can begin working with them as soon as you’re approved, which typically takes less than 24 hours.

One thing that made this ad network fantastic is the fact that it is very easy to use, and the dashboard can be navigated effortlessly.

If you’re an advertiser, there are several ways offered by the company in which you can track the campaign you created, and they give you real-time stats but like I always recommend, Its best to use an external tracking software like Voluum Ad Tacker – Affiliate Tracking Software so that you can collect more data and optimize much more easier

Why should you become a publisher at Froggyads?

You’ll get high-performing, brand-safe, and high-quality traffic from SSPs networks.

They also have a DSP platform if, by any chance, you need it for your online marketing.

If you want to know more about How to Use DSP in Voluum, click on this link.

They basically work on a CPM basis for display ads and native ads, and CPV for popups.

As a publisher, you don’t need to worry about irrelevant ads displaying on your website when you add the ad units from Froggyads to your website.

Their state of the art targeting technology gives them the chance to target your users based on their location, interest, and many more.

Benefits Of Joining FroggyAds:

Multiple ad formats

Froggyads offer several ad formats, so you can choose the one which will work best for your website. The ad formats include:

Banner ads: Basically, these are the types of ads that display in the form of banners.

Pop up ads: These are the type of ads that are displayed in a popup window.

Pop Under Ads: Basically, pop-under ads are the ones that are displayed in a popup window.

Interstitial ads: Interstitial ads are full-page ads that are displayed to visitors before they get redirected to the real destination page.

Native ads: Native ads are the usage of paid advertising which match the function, feel, and look of the media format that they appear.

Easy website approval

Froggyads approve publishers within 24 hours, so you dont have to wait for days, weeks, or even months before you know the status of your application.

They have no requirement for minimum traffic

Froggyads does not have any requirement for minimum traffic.

High fill rate

When we talk about fill rate, we are talking about the percentage of ads, which a publisher allocates with an advertising network actually fills with paid ads. Tale for instance; your website has 15,000 impressions daily, and the ad which is displayed on your website gets only 7,500 impressions due to the fact that an advertising network may not have any ad which will show on your website for a particular period of time; that denotes that an advertising network is giving you a fill rate of only 50%.

The traffic you have is valuable

Their top-notch tech gives you the chance to achieve the highest revenue potential that you desire. T

Safeguard your website and traffic

By making use of their proprietary tool, they can scan millions of advertisements around the clock to give you excellent protection and security against common malware and bad ads. They give ad blocking as an option for their publishers, so the publishers will have no need to worry about any low-quality ads or improper ad placements on your site.

Maximum control

When you have access to their fantastic self-service publisher platform, you’ll open your monetization to possibilities, which are endless. Develop your waterfall with ideal layers of flood rates and pass backs, adjust payment details and review billing, create your own tags, and several others, which are available for you to develop a solution that is streamlined to your business.

In-depth reporting

Get reports by county and/or websites for you to get a highly detailed breakdown of your fill and CPMs.

Timely payouts

They have a bi-weekly based payment frequency, and their publishers are paid through wire transfer or PayPal.

Similar to some other reliable advertising networks, the minimum payout of Froggyads is $100.


They have two primary methods of correspondence, which are via email and skype.

Some other benefits you’ll get when you join Froggyads network

  • Dedicated support
  • An In-Depth stats reporting system
  • Fast payment
  • Ads for every country, niches, and websites
  • Total control over ads
  • A real-time bidding platform

Keep in mind that even with all the necessary benefits, the main key to success is still discipline and consistency.

Do try to overcome your Shiny Object syndrome and be as consistent as possible.


This ad network is an all-in-one Media Buying advertisement serving platform, which offers all affiliates, AdServers, and advertisers what they require to run a highly profitable digital marketing business.

They make use of one of the best technologies incorporating real control and automatic purchasing stage. Being a foremost advert arrangement specialist organization, they assist their advertisers in getting the best quality for their advanced media resources and assist their publishers in earning the best rates from their traffic.

With its help, perfectly personalized and highly efficient advertisements can be offered to an assortment of gadgets and screens.

You should have it in mind that the end goal of this ad network is for their publishers and advertisers to achieve their goal with this platform. One of the most attractive things about this platform is their high fill rates and their payment frequency.

They also have highly competitive revenues compared to their competitors.

Either you’re a publisher or an advertiser, I’ll advise you try this network out, and I’m sure you’ll give your testimony.

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