HilltopAds Review

HilltopAds is best known for providing various types of opportunities for monetization to the owner of websites and advertising companies.

With the least payout requirement of around $50 HilltopAds has become a best-suited platform not only for large-size publishers but also for the publisher of small as well as of medium-size.

What or who the network is:

  • We sell excellent WW traffic, both of the mainstream and non-mainstream.
  • We provide real support to our clients with a platform easily handles self-service.
  • Using various payment systems, you can deposit the amount starting from $200.
  • We offer a $20 bonus for each of our new advertisers.
  • We do audience targeting via various techniques such as; keyword, device type, white and black list, frequency capping, retargeting, region, os/ browser, IP range/ISP, time targeting and mobile carrier.
  • With best rates all of the top traffic GEO’s.

How – Enrollment/Sign Up:

HilltopAds believes in the philosophy to serve with ease.

There is no intricate procedure to get enrolled or sign up this great platform.

As the beauty of HilltopAds’ dashboard is its convenient usage and user-friendly layout.

Why Affiliates Should Consider Joining:

Because HilltopAds offers a series of benefits for both the advertiser and publisher it has become very successful in the field.

Publishers, provides ease in income generation, smooth traffic monetization and offers transparency.

Whereas for advertisers it offers Millions clicks for their business, Million views for business, and a type of definite go-to network ad.


  • Publisher Language Requirements: None
  • Traffic Minimum: None


  • Ad Formats: In-Video ads, Display banners, Desktop pop-ups, and Mobile pop-ups.
  • Offer Types: CPL, CPC, CPA, and CPM.
  • Verticals: All like gaming, entertainment, video streaming, PinSubmits, Dating, SweepStakes, Downloads, and File Hosting.
  • Network Size: every month, a variety of unique global ads of an average of 12,000,000,000.

Reports and Tracking:

A very informative and accessible reporting section that provides real-time data and statistics for each of its advertisers and publisher.


No matter if HilltopAds is in its development stage, even then our network is providing distinct features that helping firm to achieve an edge over the market.

Our system offers a variety of unique features like;

  • A qualified support 24/7.
  • CPM but CPA/request.
  • Real-time optimization of eCPM.
  • For valued partners we offer custom solutions.
  • For publishers, rotation of Ad networks is offered .
  • Traffic via direct publishers.
  • Blocked impressions, no.
  • Financial transaction fees, no.
  • Detailed statistics always Real-time.
  • For advertisers, we provide Self-Service.
  • Advanced targeting.
  • Own ad server solution.

Support Ecosystem

Affiliate Managers:

At HilltopAds, you will have a great experience as at this platform your affiliate managers are always available to lead you towards the right path so that you can acquire maximum benefits utilizing the platform of HilltopAds.

Unique Affiliate Benefit:

At HilltopAds, there is number of excellent performing formats that successful match latest trends in technology and in industry. We offer freedom to our clients to choose or try the best fit for formatting their Ads. These formatting include;

  • Display bann
  • Video Ads
  • Pops
  • Direct links
  • Push notification
  • Native Ads


Achieving the average monthly impact of around 12 billion, it has now become preeminent among the rest in ad networks in regards to monetization of website traffic.

The majority of advertisers generally feel unease about ROI, while on other hand publishers opt to monetize websites in much safer and efficient manner.

This colossal function has been transformed into a quite simple task by HilltopAds, as the firm provides its server solution for ads which help in website traffic monetization.

Thereby, if you want to make money through affiliate marketing then you should try Hiltop Ads to win the affiliate game.

It would help you loads. It user-friendly structure will also help you in easily understanding and using this.

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