How I Find Products That Make Me $100/Day on Clickbank

Would you like to see how I find products that make me $100 a day on Clickbank?

In this blog post I will tell you the exact process I follow to find the best products on Clickbank and make me constant daily profits.

The first step is to head over to the Marketplace and find a product in one of the many categories listed there. when I am scrolling through the products I am having a look at the gravity score of each product. This will give me a better idea of how many people are promoting this product and how many sales has made.

Besides the gravity score there are a few more things that you can take into consideration when you are looking for the product you want to promote.

Take a look at the sales page and see how it looks, and also have a look on the affiliate page of the product and see the upsells and down sells they have and what resources they provide for you to promote their product.

Now that you have found the offer that you want to promote you need to see what other affiliates are doing in order to promote similar products.

What I do is use a spy tool like Adplexity to see what other affiliates are doing to promote their offers.

You can search by keyword in ad or by network, and see the ads that you are interested in. You can see the landing pages that they are using, the ad copy and the performance of the ad.

This will give you a better idea of what is already working for other and all you have to do is to create a similar flow and just launch the campaign.

Watch the video below to see the whole process step by step.

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