How To Make $100+ a Day With Facebook Ads

How To Make $100+ a Day With Facebook Ads

Many factors play a role your ability to generate money online with Facebook ads. The main goal of this article is to address the 5 benefits that help you make $100 per day as quick as possible with Facebook ads.

Once you have accumulated your adspend budget and secure an offer, you can easily take advantage of these benefits during the process of setting up your campaign.

Social PPC-Facebook Ads

With Facebook traffic you can scale from $100 to $100,000. But first you must weigh out some of the variables.


  • Less testing that platforms like native
  • Scaleable potential with traffic volumes.
  • Delivers premium traffic because of detailed targeting


  • High risk of getting account shut down if you do not follow the terms and conditions of Facebook. 
  • Ad policies limit offers you can promote
  • Need to include bridge pages- cannot direct link from the ad


Take time to get familiar with the terms and conditions if you have not already done so. Remember that social traffic should be treated as a pattern interrupt, therefore, you have to maintain a positive user experience in order to stay in the game. 

The 5 variables that impact your progress include:

Detailed Targeting

You can identify your target based on specific qualities that may resonate better with your target audience.

You have the option to set up your ads to target people based on:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Language
  • Geographic Location
  • Connections
  • Demographics
  • Life Events
  • Behaviors
  • Work
  • Brands
  • Interests

And more...


Re-targeting is a straight forward concept. It’s important to your journey towards $100 a day online because it’s highly effective. You just need to market to people after they have visited your offer. I’m sure you have been re-targeted a few times.

Installing the pixel gives you power to track users and accumulate data that you can use to specify the kind of audience you want your ads shown to. It tracks website visitors, optimizes campaigns, and monitors results. But sometimes its more optimal to create look alike and custom audiences for CPA marketing offers.

Bridge Pages

Direct linking can jeopardize your advertising campaigns with Facebook. Direct  linking is when you attach a URL to an advertisement that redirects the user directly to the offer in question. Platforms like Facebook and Google frown upon this because their main goal is to monitor and uphold positive user experiences.

There are different forms of copy that you can use for your bridge pages. Our students find the most success using the survey template since the majority of offers I run are for sweepstakes.

Access the survey template HERE in the free CPA Marketing for Beginners training course.

You can continuously create angles relative to your audience. This in return optimizes the campaign to produce a lower cost per click(CPC) that leads to higher earnings per click (EPC).

Of course there are other factors that play a part in high converting bridge pages like copy, design, and technical optimization, but those can be addressed after you get a grasp on launching multiple campaigns.

Scaling Opportunities

The volumes are insane. The reach is insane once you find a winning offer. You can can 10 your ROI daily just because of the traffic volume. 1 in 5 web page views happen on Facebook. 5 accounts are created almost every minute. I could give you a longer list on how Facebook can deliver the traffic you need to run your ads. 

Once you find the right offer you can maximize your profits within an hour based on the high traffic volume. You have access to a constant supply of data at the touch of fingers. Use it to take your campaigns into 5-6 figures daily like the other top affiliates.

Premium Traffic

The detailed targeting abilities of Facebook overpower other traffic sources simple because they have billions of users on the application. Each of those users has a profile with information that Facebook tracks and stores as data. In return, the targeting you choose can be broken down as far specific age, and gender, relationship, brand, location, zip code, etc. With Facebook ads you can deliver the exact targeting specifications of any campaign that you launch.

The premium traffic can be created from your existing audiences.  Facebook audiences can be separated and copied into look alike audiences. To get started, you should create a sample audience that you treat as your base, duplicate it in another adset, then make slight tweaks to the settings and imitate the initial audience settings.

Ad Accounts  

Simply have to be treated as tools. The first mistake affiliates make is not reading material given to them. People like to jump ahead and get guidance from the wrong places. I bet 80% of people online ask about how to do certain things on Facebook haven’t even read the Terms and and Conditions. The guidelines are there for a reason. So when accounts get blocked or banned move on and don't do whatever was done previously to get you shut down. If your smart you can get another account up and running in no time.

Ad Accounts are only tools. Don't get caught up on getting banned. Accounts should be the least of your worries.

For a detailed guide on how to create multiple Facebook accounts to run CPA marketing campaigns you can click HERE and access it in the AFK Forum

What Does All of This Mean?

My 3 step training is simple. I introduce the strategy and the tools. You get to see me demonstrate step by step how to set it up. After that you have to execute and apply what you learn.

Introduction- What it is

Demonstration-I show you how it's done

Execution- you need to do it

Within 45 min you can make $100. The training is free. No B.S. No sales pitches. All you have to do is stop over complicating this. Facebook represents an ever expanding global market with infinite opportunities for affiliate marketers who actually apply what they have learned to make money online.

This is a topic that deserves a series. Make sure you follow my Facebook group and YouTube channel for tips on how to make $100 a day with other traffic sources including:

  • Bing Ads
  • AdWords
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram

The series will be organized for you consume the content from beginning to end.

 I will show you the pros and cons of each platform, choose an offer and examine verticals available to choose from, and show you how to set up a campaign step by step.

Study this theory.

 Apply these concepts.

Or you can even watch the video linked below over and over until you get.

 I want you to succeed. Make sure you leave a comment below or on any of the other social media channels. 

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