As an affiliate marketer, you have got one thing on your mind which is  performance. 

To get the best performance for your affiliate campaigns, it’s worth trying out a few platforms to see what works for you. 

Whether you are a beginner just starting out, or more advanced with some experience behind you, here are some tips to take note.check out. 

Basically, this platform helps you achieve your best conversions and even build a steady long-term income.

So let’s dive in:

What is Clickbank? 

With more than 6 million digital products in over 20 categories, reaching 200 million people worldwide, ClickBank is a popular choice among affiliate marketers. 

Moreover, this program offers very high commissions, as high as 75%, and ClickBank is known for its regular reliable payouts, which is a huge drawcard. 

Interesting right? 

I have personally noticed, there are plenty of products sold on a recurring basis, which means a great source of recurring income for you, as well as products with upsell options to help boost your income or your side income. 

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How to Get Started With ClickBank Affiliate Marketing..? 

Anyone can become a ClickBank affiliate because it’s free.

When you find a product that you wish to promote, either by searching the ClickBank marketplace or at a vendor’s website, you will be provided with a unique link which you can use to direct customers to the product page.

Here’s a quick guide on how you can become a ClickBank affiliate.

Firstly, open a ClickBank Account.

Start by signing up for a ClickBank account.

Enter your personal information.

You will then be asked to enter your banking information as well as your account information. 

Second, Getting Paid.

Payments are sent out every 2 weeks if you wish to be paid by check and every week if you are eligible for direct deposits.

Then finally, Choosing Products.

To see the complete range of products, you also can  visit the ClickBank Marketplace.

The marketplace listings are sorted in popularity order, but you can as well use the search box to find your preferred product.

Against each entry is a Promote button that provides you with the affiliate link. 

You will also be provided with information on the commission you will receive if you sell the item.

You want to know more about outbrain?

No problem, I will explain to you in detail about what outbrain is.? 

Basically, Outbrain is a native advertising company. 

Usually, It uses targeted advertising to recommend articles, slideshows, blog posts, photos or videos to a reader.

Outbrain is a tool in the Advertising category of a tech stack.

Also, Outbrain is an open source tool with GitHub stars and GitHub forks. 

What is clickbank again? 

ClickBank is among the leading affiliate networks for digital products like eBooks, video tutorials, and software. 

As i know, it has been around since 1998, has more than 200 million customers around the globe, and claims to have created more than 1000 millionaires through its platform.

In addition, ClickBank connects digital product creators with affiliate marketers.

ClickBank doesn’t own the products listed on its marketplace. 

However, it only provides a platform for thousands of product owners to connect with affiliate marketers who wish to promote their products.

Why do product creators use it?

Basically, to gain access to thousands of influential affiliate marketers who have their dedicated subscribers and followers. 

Also, it’s an easy and quick way to market your product to hundreds of thousands of people even if you have no following of your own.

In affiliate marketing, you can promote any product or service. 

As i know, experienced affiliate marketers say that they have achieved the best results by selling products they are already familiar with. 

For example, If you choose to promote a product or service that you have already used and it has helped you solve a problem or achieve something, there is a higher chance that you will succeed in promoting it. 

Might be, If you are confident in that product and you can stand behind your promotional activities, you have picked the right product.

As an affiliate marketer, one of the most important things to work on is your credibility which  as a product reviewer. 

That is why I’m here recommend first to try using the product or service before writing a review and recommending it to other people. 

Until you work up with your skills, you may want to try promoting recognizable brand products. 

And work your way to reviewing and recommending products of less popular brands.

Let’s keep reading more..  

Why do affiliates use ClickBank? 

To find high-quality products, promote them to their website visitors and subscribers, and to earn a commission for every sale that is made.

Might be, it’s classic affiliate marketing just like any other leading affiliate marketing platform. 

However,  unlike Amazon Associates, ClickBank is a platform for digital products only.

Can you make money with ClickBank in 2020? My answer is definitely yes!

The online education industry which is most digital products fall into this category is booming and is worth well over $100 billion across the globe since people are consuming more digital info content on their smartphones than ever before.

Apart from that, the affiliate marketing industry is also growing steadily. 

For example, In the U.S alone, affiliate marketing spending will exceed $8 billion by 2022.

All this means that there has never been a better time to promote digital products as an affiliate marketer. 

Does that mean you can pick any product from ClickBank, start posting your affiliate links everywhere, and become a successful affiliate marketer?

Lol.. Not really.

Promoting products from ClickBank, or any other affiliate network requires careful planning and a long-term strategy.

Otherwise, you will end up like the thousands of other wannabe affiliate marketers who think ClickBank is a useless platform.

I will explain the strategy part later in this post or next post. 

Who uses Outbrain?

Personally I have noticed there are a total 394 companies reportedly use Outbrain in their tech stacks, including, CNN, and Rumble. 

With Outbrain, you are allowed to set only a daily budget. 

Tell them how much you want to spend each day, and they will spend it, plus about 20 percent. 

They always go over.

Also, Outbrain is easier to use (despite not having a rep), and was easier on the wallet.

If you are just getting started with native advertisements, or if you are purely just trying to get more traffic to your blog then go with Outbrain.

Ideas For Successfully Using OutBrain

OutBrain is a great way to get cheap traffic to your content. But traffic that doesn’t build your business doesn’t matter. 

If you are a publishing-based business, you may be able to make a play on advertisement rate arbitrage, but otherwise, here are 4 ways to use OutBrain advertising to build your business.

1. Go for Social Shares

In my experience, going viral is rarely luck. 

There’s always something that gets the snowball rolling. 

Whether it’s a Reddit submission, an email to an editor, or a previously built social audience, viral content starts somewhere.

Using some sort of paid “accelerant” can be a great way to try to engineer organic social shares. 

That’s the whole point of promoted Facebook posts and promoted tweets.

OutBrain is a cheap, and worthwhile way to generate organic social shares. 

Unlike promoted tweets, etc, however, OutBrain ads don’t look like ads. 

They are content that visitors “discover.”

The key, though, is to make sure your content is easily shared. 

Don’t forget to make sure your Twitter cards are in place; fix your Facebook markup; ensure that the right share buttons are at the right place on the post.

Measure the audience you can reach with the money you spend on OutBrain. 

Even if your content doesn’t go viral, you can often get a really efficient overall CPM with relatively few social shares generated by the initial OutBrain campaign. 

This post can help you dig into the numbers for the social share strategy.

2. Get Opt-ins with a bribe

The OutBrain audience is looking for content to read. 

They are not looking to buy (not to mention OutBrain’s ban on advertising), and they are probably going to bounce.

But that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t be interested in more information. 

Try to get email signups at best or Facebook likes or Twitter follows at worst so that you can market to them later when they may be interested in buying.

They are on your site because they like your content or at least your headline. 

Offer something complementary to the content just to get their information. 

Measure OutBrain traffic based on whatever it would normally cost to get a sign-up conversion.

This strategy is going to be the closest to direct response as you’ll get with OutBrain.

But if you can successfully get emails with your content, OutBrain will be one of the cheapest ways to drive traffic to your content.

3. Build a retargeting audience

This strategy is the paid version of getting opt-ins. 

It’s a strategy that you should have in place, even if you don’t actually use retargeting advertisements. 

The last thing you want when purchasing OutBrain traffic is to have a huge rush of traffic to your site which then leaves, and completely forgets about you with no way to remind them about who you are.

Google Analytics allows you to fairly easily build audiences based on landing pages.

You can build these audiences to do retargeting ads later, for example, “the ads that follow you around” just in case or in addition to other strategies.

Retargeting is generally cheaper and more effective than almost all other forms of paid advertising since you’re advertising to people who have already visited your site.

The key is to build a campaign that’s very targeted and not annoying for your OutBrain audience.

It might be new content or a complementary product/service offer, but it won’t be effective if it’s just a general campaign.

You can measure OutBrain with multi-channel Analytics (for example, what conversions did it eventually assist with). 

Or you can measure the OutBrain + retargeting against the price of buying targeted CPC or CPM ad.

It’s sort of like paying $0.25 vinegar + $0.50 baking soda to unclog your kitchen sink instead of the $3.00 mini bottle of Drano.

4. User-testing for your content

If you are spending a lot of time and money on premium content or even doing an offline print run, you will want to know how to edit it before launch. 

Since OutBrain is so cheap,I mean affordable, it can be a good place to test headlines and responses to your content, sort of like a soft launch with user testing for content.

Run multiple small campaigns with different headlines to look at the click-through rate.

Install a scroll depth plugin or adjust your bounce rate in Google Analytics so that you can get a clear picture of how users interact with the content.

Measure this OutBrain strategy based on the improvements and make sure time is saved with your budget.

I know it’s interesting, so keep reading. 

Next Steps

Build content on your own site that’s actually interesting. 

Define what you want to get out of OutBrain. 

Social shares? 

Email sign-ups? 


Decide how that content will achieve the goal of a bribe for email sign-ups? 

Would the content make social sharers look good sharing it?

Head over to, set up an account, define a test budget, submit content for approval, watch Analytics closely after the content goes live. 

Analyze the data and decide what to do from there.

Happy earning. 

I hope you find this article as interesting. 

All is well. 

Are You The Next Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Success Story?

There’s no reason why you can’t succeed with ClickBank affiliate marketing.

Also, it is a competitive affiliate platform with lots of low-quality products.

However, it also has some high-quality programs that you can promote confidently to your target audience and make a healthy and consistent income from it.

Cool right? 

Your success, however, will depend largely on how well you can connect with your target audience and become their go-to source for everything related to your niche.

Based on my experience, If you can do that, driving sales from ClickBank or any other affiliate network will never be a problem.

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