Leadbolt Ad Network Review

Leadbolt Ad Network Review

Leadbolt is one of the fastest-growing companies in Australia and also one of the leading monetization, user acquisition, and mobile advertising platforms in the world.

With clients who are in more than 165 countries, this company serves over 10 billion ads every month to its users.

This company presently have offices in Los Angeles and Sydney and is also rapidly expanding in the whole world.

You can maximize the revenue from your app using premium monetization solutions from Leadbolt. Pick the placements you want and choose from several proven ad formats.

Their Built-in analytics have real-time insights and data, which keeps you way above your competition.

However, we would highly suggest you to use external tracking software such as Voluum Ad Tacker – Affiliate Tracking Software so that you can get more data and optimize much more easy.

They are fully aware of the need for you to make your users happy and also get fantastic results from your applications. They assist you in finding the balance between keeping your users engaged, and also maximizing your revenue.

Before we procedure further, if you need any guidance on How To Start Affiliate Marketing then this article is definitely something you should look at.

Minimum traffic required to be a publisher on Leadbolt

There isn’t any particular minimum traffic required from Leadbolt, and this makes it a great choice for both websites with a low volume of traffic and also who have an enormous amount of traffic.

It works really well, even if the site is a new player in the industry, and also if the site is a top player.

Ad quality of Leadbolt

They tend to have a reasonably good ad quality.

Ad formats on Leadbolt

Leadbolt makes use of banner ads, which are easy to deploy and integrate.

Besides that, this company also makes use of interstitial ads, which are quite compelling visually, and also renders high conversions and impressions.

Leadbolt also used other as formats such as App Lists, and some more.

Some of the common ad formats that are being used by them to deliver better results are interstitial ads, rewarded video ads, playable ads, and native ads.

Commission types on Leadbolt


This is an acronym for cost per action.

You would not be paid unless the user takes an action of buying that product that you’re promoting.

When you sell the product, you get a cut of that sale, which is termed a commission.


This is the acronym of cost per lead.

With CPL, you mostly get the potential for a customer.

It can be something like the person’s name, email address, and zip code. It can also be some other forms of personal info; this is referred to as a lead.

Content locking

This is where you put a JS script on your app or website, which forces your users to fill up a CPA offer(s) to unlock the content which is behind the locker.

Leadbolt is a newbie-friendly locking network.


The support of Leadbolt is very great, and their affiliate managers are fantastic.

They are always ready to assist you with anything you need, be it optimizing your offers, or even technical queries.

How to sign up on Leadbolt

Signing up on Leadbolt is very straightforward. All you need to do is click on the signup link on their homepage, then fill out the form.

After that, wait for your account to be reviewed.

Their review process doesn’t take too much time, so you don’t have to worry about that, and it is definitely worth the wait.

Payments & Earning Report of Leadbolt

The payments on Leadbolt are made on a weekly basis, or every 15 days and weekly payments are only for individuals who earn $10,000 or more per week.

The payment method employed by Leadbolt includes Payoneer, Wire Transfer, and PayPal.

Developers are required to get to the minimum payment threshold, which is $100 for them to be eligible to request payment.


If you need more details on the Leadbolt review, perhaps you can check out this particular link – Leadbolt Review.

Advertising has become far-fetched and more effective with the emergence of several advertising platforms besides the conventional procedures.

The rapid growth in technological innovations have greatly contributed to the sake, thereby making it more prevalent than before.

One of those mobile ad networks is Leadbolt, which successfully gives efficient methods to advertisers and developers to generate revenue and promote their applications.

Their aim is to deliver successful monetization for apps through a unified software development kit, which allows for advanced and traditional ad formats to be used.

Their approach is really focused, thereby enabling advertisers to seamlessly connect with the mobile audience they desire in a user-friendly way.

This advertising network is of great benefit to both publishers and advertisers; give it a try, and I’m sure you’ll get great results!

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