MGID Review

MGID Review


MGID has now become the topmost priority and choice of the publishers since it proves the results of bringing around 300 million visitors from around 10000 websites.

If you are running a website and your earning depend on the basis of number of visits, then MGID ads can help you even more than Adsense.

What is MGID?

In the CPC advertising world, MGID is the solution for native publishers and advertisers to increase their web traffic and number of visitors online.

It provides two options; display advertisement and recirculation.

Why Affiliates Should Consider Joining?

The visitor recirculation strategy of MGID claims and proves to augment your user engagement and also help you in getting newer visitors from different publishers.

The traffic brought to you from different websites would be more or less similar and relevant to that of your own web niche.

Thereby, you will get targeted visitors on-board.

How to Sign up/Enroll?

The sign-up and enrollment process is easier and simpler. Like other networks, you can fill the sign-up form.

You need to fill all the requisite fields and provide accurate information.

Afterward, you would also need to agree with all the terms and conditions of MGID and also need to fill in the details for your payment completion procedures.

Once you are done with all this, you will get a confirmation email and you would be provided access to your administration panel.


MGID supports and an impressive number of verticals; however, the most prominent ones are consolidated below:

  • Weight loss in Asia
  • Dating in the US and Europe
  • Beauty and Health in Latin America and Asia
  • Online games in the US and Germany
  • Business and Finance in Germany, Arab Countries, and the UK

Campaign Creation

You are free to select the relevant type of content you need to promote via this widget.

Thereby, you can also select the content of your particular niche for displaying at your users’ feed.

Furthermore, there are seven blocks you need to follow. Each is described in detail below:

Block 1 General Information

First of all, on your dashboard, at the top is the advertiser part of your MGID account. At there you can find a button in green titled as “Add Campaign.”

It will ask you about filling up the general information and starts with assigning a campaign name.

Afterward, there are two options which you are required to choose one from content promotion or product promotion.

As per your specifications, choose whichever you want to promote a product or a service.

Then you need to select the relevant campaign category.

Lastly, in the first block, you need to select a language.

Second Block Targeting

In the second block, you need to set targets for your campaign. Details are mentioned below:

  • Browser: you can choose from the available options which are almost 11 in number
  • GEO: country + more specific regions
  • Browser language
  • Devices and OS: Select from Mobile, Desktop, and/or Tablet traffic plus respective OS + OS version.
  • Important note: for selection of a mobile carrier, there is no option

Block 3 Dynamic Retargeting

It works with a framework wherein it tracks user’s information regarding the specific actions performed by the users on the advertised page.

Block 4 Schedule

Here scheduling part of your campaign is done wherein you define a time for starting your campaign.

Block 5 Limits

This area of MGID campaign creation deals with setting limits for your campaigns.

Block 6 Tracking Tags

You might use this block when you are required to do custom tracks. For instance, you require to set up UTM tags.

oElse, if you want to add a token for click id from your block; thereby, it works for you if you do postback tracking.

Block 7 Conversion Sensor

There are multiple options provided by MGID by which you can track conversions including code placement ‘over your pages, setting goals or using a postback URL.

And if you choose to use a tracking code then even you will not require assistance from your Account Manager.

The process of generating a process code is too simple.


MGID is surely a tremendous option for those who intend to earn on the basis of true conversions made.

Also, it is in the market for 10 years and showed proven results to publishers.

Also, it is simpler to use and understand so you don’t need to have prior knowledge in regards to use this.

Thereby, you may try it to check out on your own how profitable it would be for you.

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