Mobidea Affiliate CPA Network Review

Mobidea Affiliate CPA Network Review

Are you looking for more information on the Mobidea affiliate network? In this blog post, I will tell you all the information you need to know about the Mobidea affiliate network, like the payment information and their main verticals.

Mobidea has over 1000 affiliate marketing offers that can be traced using the Everflow platform.

CPA marketing for beginners can be a challenge at first, but Mobidea offers solutions like weekly payouts and high performing CPA offers. With the help of their affiliate managers, you can learn how to make money online in no time with SmartLink offers or use their push traffic exchange as well.

There is even an opportunity to dive into to an extensive education platform that teaches you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing for beginners. To help you with your cash flow and accelerate your journey from affiliate marketing beginner to a super affiliate is that you have access to fast and flexible via check, PayPal, ACH, and wire transfer.

You can also take advantage of their daily payout program that is transparent that allow you to receive payouts when you reach a minimum of 50 euros in total which is so far the lowest in the market.

Their support team is always there to help via chat or email. You will get consistent notifications on new offers and payout increases. You can also take advantage of their advanced tracking platform that also allows you to see the profitable opportunities in store that will help you make money with affiliate marketing.

They have global offers for all verticals including Sweepstakes, Smartlinks, Nutra, E-commerce, Dating, Mobile Apps, Downloads, and more. For additional performance tools there is also a spy tool that you can use to review what’s going on with other traffic sources.

Mobidea is based in Luxembourg and is a well-renowned mobile-based affiliate network. It specializes in pin submits, app install offers, mobile subscriptions, and sweepstakes. The revenue models are based on CPA and CPI. You can be paid on a CPA basis when any visitor fills a form or downloads any software.

When any users install games and apps on iOS or Android-based mobiles, then payment is based on CPI. Currently, the network is working with more than 70.000 affiliates and runs more than 1.000 mobile offers. Also, you will be surprised that more than 80% of the revenue share is given to its affiliates. So, why not take full advantage!

The Pros of Mobidea

  • The moment you get registered, you can start by promoting the lucrative offers.
  • Take advantage of the Smartlink technology to get hold of the best offers based on your niche from the 1,000 + offers available.
  • The network gives 80% of the revenue share.
  • Affiliates enjoy the freedom to choose their offers. If you earn more than €10,000 monthly, you are automatically promoted to get the VIP status. After you attain this prestigious status, you get access to priority cashout, access to a dedicated expert and tickets to various industry events. Also, you are saved from paying any withdrawing fees while making payment requests.
  • Easy to track the performance and revenue earned in real-time. Payment is given on time and can be asked daily for pay-outs.
  • The network has a dedicated customer support system. You also have a manager and access to the mobile analysts to help you in making more $$$ by giving fruitful insights.

Watch the video below to see me do a full walk through of their platform.

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