PlugRush is an adult advertising network that provides international advertisers with a full monetization solution.

Banner ads, native advertising, and pop-under ads for both desktop and mobile phones are the ad forms supported by this network.

PlugRush specializes in supplying publishers with quality services and thus checking all their ad units before hosting them on publisher websites.

Ultimately, from this network, you should expect high-quality advertising.


About their platform, their platform is an easy-to-use self-serve platform that keeps you on the driving seat.

For publication or advertisement, you don’t need separate accounts.


● High network ads for adults.
● Various ads–posters, local, and pop.
● It provides 99 percent fill rate coverage worldwide.
● Premium quality low prices.
● Quick authorization of the domain within 24 hours.
● Tracking in-depth data with several sorting choices.
● Low minimum $25 cap on compensation.
● Quick Net7-based fee.
● Various payment choices like:
● Bank Wire Transfer, eBay, Paxum, Payoneer.
● Account manager devoted to all publisher accounts
● A Dedicated email and Skype support.
● Additional revenue referral program.

ADS Types for Desktop:
● Banners
● Pop-unders
● Native banners
● Instant messenger

ADS Types for Mobile:

● Pop-unders
● Mobile redirects
● Native banners

Offer Types:
● CPV ( cost per view)
● CPC (cost per click)

Traffic Types:

● Desktop
● Mobile
● Tablet

Payment Rules:

Plugrush is easy enough to make cash out of it as the reward is just $25.

This will be available on request and is sent out every month on the 5th and 20th, and also every Monday.


You are encouraged to go to the very own live help service of the site for something a little easier or talk with the team over Skype.


Plugrush’s terms of service make it very clear what is not allowed on the network. This also involves:
● Use of numerical manipulation methods (impressions, clicks).
● Illicit material, and places that encourage illegal activity.
● Sites with underdeveloped elements or domains that are generally lacking in
● Ad links on sites such as Facebook, Instagram, or phone’ spamming.’
● Excessive’ one-page ads.

Publishers should also remember that Plugrush approves only adult traffic, so nothing else can earn you money.


It follows a very similar model where the client who introduced them to Plugrush receives 5 percent of the payment of a new publisher.

● Proper ad format scope Maximum compensation of $25 available on request
● Referral program providing 5% of the lifetime fee of a publisher
● Customer support via Skype and email

Only adult traffic is allowed


Publishers have plenty of networks to choose from to monetize their adult content, but when they do, Plugrush will undoubtedly be an alternative for them.

The site offers a robust list of ad types, including solutions for local and instant
messaging, as well as more popular ads, popunders, and phone redirects.

Negatives come in the form of a website that only enables adult traffic–that alienates many webmasters–although our work into the functionality of the site.

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