RichPush Review

RichPush Review


RichPush is not just an ordinary push traffic network, it is the effort behind some intelligent minds who have mastered the skills of bringing the right traffic to you.

They are totally aware of all the ins and outs of this business and that’s why they knew how to make their clients grow their business fast.

What you can advertise with RichPush:

  • E-Commerce
  • Loans
  • Mobile apps
  • Content
  • Casino
  • Forex
  • Blockchain
  • Nutrition
  • Dating
  • Man health
  • Betting
  • Crypto
  • ICO

What is RichPush:

RichPush has a global user base of about 300 million.

It offers a minimum cost per click of $0.003.

RichPush also claims that 100% of its global user base are all real users so you don’t have to worry about your advertising budgets being wasted with fake users and bots

For Publishers, RichPush offers a free account which is approved instantly without any hassle.

Why affiliates should consider joining RichPush:

Affiliates can earn a handsome amount if they are getting good traffic monthly.

With RichPartners calculators, you can have a rough estimation of your earnings.

RichPush gives the option of retargeting, especially for advertisers.

How to Register to RichPush:

Everyone can sign up for RichPush free account, it facilitates companies and individuals both. It only takes 3 steps to create a RishPush Account:

  • Create a user
  • Activate the user
  • Enter the basic traffic and budgeting details to complete your account

Campaign Creation:

  • Log in to your RichPush account, you will be offered to deposit funds or to create a campaign.
  • Click Add a Campaign button on the dashboard create a new campaign
  • Remember to read the Content Policy, to know what you can and cannot advertise.
  • Here are some of the things you should know prior to creating your first RichPush Campaign.
  • The title limit of the campaign is 30 characters.
  • The icon image is 192 x 192 pixels and allowed file size is 100kb.
  • The messages should be less than 45 characters
  • The main image of the campaign should be equal to 492 x 328 pixels
  • You cannot upload more than 10 ads in a campaign before it is saved.
  • Next, you must integrate your campaign with your tracker or network and Create a Conversion Transmission
  • RichPush has a very powerful reporting system, so you should make use of various reports available.
  • Specify the country you’re going to work with. You also have the option to specify the region and city.
  • Select the traffic purchase model between pay per click or per ad view.
  • Set your CPA goals
  • Set the daily budget of the campaign. Remember, the minimum budget is $25.
  • Launch the campaign or schedule the campaign to launch afterwards
  • Configure the subscribers
  • Set the Caps
  • Optimize the campaign

Campaign Optimization:

Here’s a list of the optimizations you should go for:

  • Offers/landings
  • Ads
  • OS/Browsers/Versions
  • Bid (rate per click)
  • Sites/SourcesTime of ads impression/Days of the week

RichPush Features:

RichPush has got a variety of amazing features. Some of them are as follows:

  • Ad Viewability: RichPush ads have a guaranteed viewability of 94%. There are very rare chances that your ad gets unnoticed.
  • Wide Reach: RichPush ads is an international ad network that why it works on almost every geographical location.
  • No Bot Traffic: You can always rely on RichPush as there will be 100% of human users.
  • Low CPC: It is as small as $0.003, only tier 1 and two countries have a little bit higher cost
  • Custom Targeting: It provides custom targeting which enables you to blacklist and whitelist the geos
  • Dedicated Support: a 24/7 personal support manager or team available.
  • More revenue for advertisers: Because of its significant rate in the industry it provides advertisers with better revenues.

User Experience:

RichPush is a far superior alternative for your site as it is known as one of the most prevalent promotion networks having 300 million endorsers around the world. T

The base CPC is 0.003, which is very valuable if your site has the perfect measure of traffic.

Payment Details:

RichPush process their payment on a NET 30-day basis.

  • Minimum Payment: There is no restriction, you can withdraw any amount you earn
  • Payment Method:  PayPal, WebMoney, Wire Transfer and CC.
  • Payment Frequency: Net 30
  • Referral Program: Publishers get can get up to 10% commission by referring others

Minimum Deposit:

The RichPush minimum deposit is $50 for affiliates which includes a full-service pack comprising the personal manager too.


RichPush also provide live support for its publishers and advertisers.

Their support team is available 24/7


RichPush is surely the best choice of every affiliate for using the push notifications to increase their engagements.

Since there are hundreds of other networks too, it might be intimidating for you to select the right one but, by carefully analysing you can make the right choice.

Its cost-effective clicks let you drive more traffic without spending huge money.

Customers have full control over what type of users to target (geographical etc.), the maximum cost per visit and what their budget will be.

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