The ‘Shortcut’ To Success with WeWe Media

“There’s a reason why 5% or less make all the money – they have information you don’t.”

Richard OkiCOO, Deberoo BV

Let’s start off with a disclaimer and that is : there is no such thing as a shortcut to success!!

No matter what the industry’s  “gurus” might claim, don’t get tricked into believing that anything about affiliate marketing is an easy, fast, get rich scheme or that you won’t have to work hard and hustle nonstop to get the results you aim for.

However, if you focus on the core principles that help bind the foundation of your business, then you can see success at a faster rate. The smart marketer knows to implement and follow what’s working. But the The smart marketer that wants to have long term financial freedom get’s help from the guy who has already done it and created a proven process.

That’s what the mastermind and courses from Deberoo offer to any media buyer, whether they are making $1 a day in profit or $1k a day in profit.  Direct  to mentors who have put skin in the game  to help you take your business to the next level.Having access to the mastermind or any other material put out to teach affiliate marketing doesn’t diminish how much work you have to put into the whole process, but will decrease the time and effort you will spend trying to figure it out.

Learn from Rich’s own experience with affiliate marketing and find out how long it took him to get from newbie to top media buyer at Deberoo.

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Richard has been on top of the back end operations for Deberoo. He fits right in with the brand because he is a true hustler and delivers visionary leadership when it comes to business. Starting off in sales like me, its only natural that for a guy like him that he took everything he learned and applied it ten fold to his journey towards being an entrepreneur.

Richard has also contributed to the proven success of hundreds of affiliates as one of the expert coaches and mentors.  This podcast is a sneak peek on what can be the result of networking and collaboration.

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WeWe Media is one of the leading CPA networks that specialize in e-commerce advertising , particularly cash on delivery, which is one of Rich’s area many area’s of expertise.Getting started with WeWe Media is as simple to do as it is to say. All you have to do is hop over to their site by clicking here and sign up to become an affiliate. Sign up and their affiliate managers will take care of you and tell them that Deberoo sent you.

Richard had the pleasure of swapping ideas back and forth with  Jon Semira from WeWE Media. Give him a round of applause for not holding back on the engaging questions and delivering a great dynamic.

You’ll also find out :

  • How taking part in a mastermind can benefit you and what separates  Deberoo’s no BS Mastermind from all the other courses out there
  • Available courses and coaching opportunities and what December will bring
  • Differences between black and whitehat
  • Why you need to take full advantage backend coaching
  • Why Rich believes that in 3 years time Deberoo will dominate the CPA marketing scene and why you should be on-board

You can also check out Richards full review of WeWe Media on his YouTube channel. Make sure you subscribe if you want to stay tuned in what he has in store for how to help you make money online with cash on delivery cpa marketing.

When it comes to the right attitude remember to  enjoy the process and to help you with that you can tune in to the Deberoo’s Affiliate Hustle Podcast, also join the DIJSU FORUM and the Facebook Group.

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