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With four data centers positioned in four continents, Voluum provides speed by redirecting users to the nearest data center. So if one data center develops an issue, there are three others to get the job going. 

Voluum was founded by the owner of zeropark.com, an ad network. This means it flourished from an affiliate marketing business and it’s based on the needs and requests of affiliates. Moreover, it develops in tune with new market trends.

Voluum tracker

They have been around for quite some time and are going to be here well into the future. Some specifics:

  • It has built up its name as a reliable and effective affiliate marketing tracking tool
  • It is a cloud-hosted ad tracker that not only allows you to see how well your campaigns are performing but also offers optimization advice as well.

It’s super important for you to be aware of what campaigns are running, what’s the targeting you’ve got, the bids, which changes you’ve applied, what profit each campaign is bringing you, etc.

Analytics and stats

The system was designed by Codewise for the use of performance marketers and individual advertisers who want to closely monitor their efforts’ progress and profitability. Voluum has established itself as an innovative, real-time analytics platform for tracking online campaigns and allows you to:

  • Track the exact demographics of who is clicking and converting on your affiliate or product campaigns
  • A/B or split test your landing pages so that you can optimize the conversions
  • Create workflows so that you can accurately route different demographic users to the precise landing pages targeting their specific needs

For example, you can route Spanish speaking users to Spanish language landing pages and conversion pages.

tracking your campaigns features

They also strive to give its users the best security of their data and that’s why they are protected by high-grade encryption and authentication methods similar to those of global financial institutions. With this, users can be sure that their data is safe.

Some other facts about Voluum:

  • They try to protect you from malicious bots
  • You can inspect traffic quality in real-time with advanced insights and stop worrying about bots killing your performance
  • You also get to detect suspicious visits and clicks and discover unrealistic conversion times thanks to comprehensive metrics
  • They provide you with detailed data on invalid traffic and apply protection measures without compromising the redirect’s speed. 

Detailed info

With Voluum, marketers and advertisers can look forward to live updates regarding their campaigns. That is because the system is powered by a design that allows it to process a multitude of data in real-time. This way, users can analyze, optimize, and eventually further monetize their campaigns with the help of granular data.

The platform was developed to anticipate and work effectively with large traffic. So regardless of the volume of traffic, Voluum continues to process data. Because of the way its infrastructure is designed, it can scale up or down depending on the need. This means no data limits and a seamless flow of information for users.

As a marketer or advertiser, you have to constantly check the progress of campaigns, Voluum has got you covered. The system has mobile applications available, for seamless on-the-go ad campaign tracking. This allows users to keep themselves up-to-date regarding their activities no matter where they are.

Mobile notifications

Good to know: their pricing starts at $69 per month for the entry-level package.

An awesome feature of Voluum (unlike many other Self-Hosted tracker solutions) is Cloud hosting. This can be extremely important for the beginner media-buying newbie that’s only now starting to take the first steps in the business.

In a Cloud solution, you don’t need to invest in different servers where you’ll install a self-hosted tracker. This will save you a lot of money. It is even the best with websites with a lot of traffic as the local server may not be able to withstand the snowballing data size it would have to store. 

Additionally, you can use the Cloud solution to run in any country since it has CDN around the globe.

Cloud hosting

When you work with Single Offers, Voluum provides you a split-testing option, which means that the same traffic will be redirected to several different offers or even partners and you can see which one is more profitable for you.

Afterward, you can drive all your traffic to the best offer or set the percentage rule on which amount of traffic will go to the most profitable offer while the rest of the traffic can keep being tested with another offer. This approach will increase your profitability in the future.

Traffic is one big issue for new affiliate marketers. They put in a lot of work into SEO to rank well on search engines. However, there are several ways to generate traffic in this time and age than there have ever been before. Voluum exposes affiliate marketers to the possibilities with traffic on the internet. With this, they can rely on these professional services to boost ROI and generate more sales and leads. 

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