5 Tips to Help CPA Marketing Beginners Choose Web Hosting and Domain Services

5 Tips to Help CPA Marketing Beginners Choose Web Hosting and Domain Services

I'm not happy I have to say what's coming next.

But... most what's published out there about web hosting is total BS.

Because a lot of you are getting started with CPA marketing, tools I may recommend will make an impact. 

But here's the problem.

There is a lot of vague information leading people to chose certain brands for the wrong reasons. 

I want to give straightforward answers to questions I have received a lot, like:

  • Should you even bother paying an annual fee to set up web hosing?
  • Is it worth trying to come up with a custom domain name?
  • Does the network want your domain to be on a dedicated IP address for to get approved to be a publisher?

It's a lot to digest at first.

But it get's better. 

By the end of this article you will have confidence to proceed with your search for the best web hosting company for your business. 

But first, lets discuss why you need web hosting and a custom domain to get started in CPA marketing. 

Why Is Web Hosting A Major Deal?

Think of your landing page as your sales kiosk that is planted in the middle of a highly populated shopping plaza. Your web hosting service as the shopping plaza that shoppers like to visit.

Hosting services store your data and connect your site to the internet. The domain is the IP address of your website, like coordinates on a map. 

Which means, the traffic sources will direct visitors to your space on the server. The bottom line is the success of your campaign relies on your ability to support high traffic volumes. 

Now that we've settled that, let's get down to business.

What Hosting Services Can You Choose From?

Types of Hosting

There are 2 routes you can take since both services come with their own drawbacks and benefits.

  • Hosted (Shared, Dedicated)
  • Cloud

Hosted services come with the same benefits as cloud services, but it's generally more expensive. Dedicated hosting companies price packages based on storage and bandwidth.

Utilizing the physical servers can create speed limitations which make the subscription frustrating. Page speeds could be affected if you are using a shared server with other subscribers or if the server location is not a viable origin point to your target region. 

Shared hosting is perfect for entry level affiliate marketers. But the trade off is you could tarnish the user experience with the minor technical limitations that come with it. 

For those that want more control within a shared network opt for VPS, virtual private server hosting. It's ideal for specific software installations. VPS is a step down from Dedicated server hosting. Even though it can handle traffic spikes, dedicated servers come with a high price tag, require high levels of technical expertise, and ongoing security management.

Most cloud servers can offer blazing fast speeds through virtual network of servers. You can configure the levels of performance, limit downtime, and transfer files. Cloud hosting is the current "buzzword" of the web hosting industry, which is fitting considering its the one hosting service where you pay for only what you need.

Aside from speed, cloud servers also have great up-time percentages. By running web applications through the cloud network it creates a web of servers. Having more than one servers allows you to spread resources to other servers in case you experience any malfunctions. 

What Type of Hosting Should Beginners Choose?

My advice?

The preference of what to use relies on what works best for your business. In order to reach that conclusion you may have to test platforms before committing.

As a beginner, take the time efficient route and set up your custom domain and have it hosted within the landing page builder that you decide to use for your campaigns. 

Before you sign up weigh out the features, prices, support, and integrations. All web hosting and custom domain services are created differently and so are the landing page builder softwares.  There are various options including Clickfunnels, Unbounce, or Convertri. 

If you want to go the traditional route with a shared server and use HTML or content management systems, then beginners should check out Siteground for shared hosting or Amazon Web Services for cloud hosting. 

There is no need to choose a dedicated virtual private server until you reach $1000+ profit daily. Daily income of that amount means there is high volumes of traffic you have to support are being sent to the website and foot the bill.

Things That Matter When Choosing A Web Hosting Provider

  1. SSL's should be included as a packaged deal. If it doesn't don't be lazy. 
  2. Don't try to join the big leagues with tee-ball budgets. Start with what your wallet can handle and build up your network later.
  3. Speed is your bread and butter. Make sure your provider isn't bluffing. 
  4. Their support team are your new guardian angels. Use them.
  5. The user experience is top priority. Don't let someone else be the reason why your site fails.' 

SSL Certificate

With additional security precautions being taken daily, it's best practice to have an SSL certificate installed on your domain. Aside from ranking higher in Google, advertisers want publishers to use SSL certificates to conform to user expectations. 

Because CPA marketers are responsible for gathering lead information it's important to keep it secured. Once the SSL certificate is used the information becomes unreadable to everyone except for the server it's being hosting on. 

Choosing the Right Plan

Budget your expenses for your web hosting as an investment. Being cheap will get you what you pay for.

Proficient web hosting services increase the likelihood to get approved with affiliate advertising networks.

Speed and Reliability

The slightest delay in response time can result in 11% fewer landing page views. The ideal load time for a landing page is one second, but most platforms cannot get below 3 seconds. 

You will need to collect data on daily traffic peaks to test how much daily traffic your website can handle. The times and days that you run ads to certain demographics can create average daily peaks, seasonal peaks, or low stable traffic. 

The data will help you predict traffic spikes instead of having them happen accidentally. This will help minimize downtime and server crashes. 

Support and Knowledge Base

With the right service provider you don't have to be an expert. Installation guidance and general  troubleshooting are supposed to be addressed by the hosting company. 

User Experience

If for some reason you still are having a hard time coming to a final decision then check Web Hosting Talk. They are the biggest forum on the web about hosting, and it has millions of reviews. You will find unbiased reviews because affiliate links are not allowed. Bad reviews are normal, but resources like reports make it easier to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Final Thoughts

Don't spend too much time trying to decide what " the best web hosting service for your campaigns. Your main goal should be getting set up, secured, and properly activated successfully for you start driving traffic to your links. Make a decision based the needs of your business and start with the intention on focusing on growth after your initial launch. 

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