Yep Ads Affiliate Network Review

Are you interested in the Yep Ads affiliate network? Do you want find out more information about this network? In this blog post I will tell you all the information you need to know about the Yep Ads affiliate network including they top verticals, minimum deposit and payment information.

Yep Ads is a premiere performance online network, specializing in the full spectrum of mobile offers: Cost-Per- Acquisition, App Install, Pay-per-call, Mobile lead gen, Web-based mobile products and mobile formatted online services/goods. They claim to be the leaders in the performance digital marketing, and have extensive experience with advertising and product development for a wide range of virtual and physical consumer goods.

Their top verticals are:

– Mobile Content
– App Install
– Pay-Per-Call
– Mobile optimized web campaigns
– Lead-gen

Yep Ads is dedicated to helping you achieve maximum results and fully optimizing your traffic. YepAds develops a strong relationship with its advertising partners to assure we present the most profitable offers to our affiliates/publishers. We help our affiliates/publishers gain a global understanding to help create more stability.

With custom payout options and competitive rates, Yep ads are definitely a CPA affiliate marketing powerhouse when it comes to CPA offers. They have options for various verticals for mobile offers for SOI CPA offers, app installs, mobile lead gen, and trial campaigns.

Yep, Ads has an inner vision and adapts to the changes in this industry by creating their own platform.

By not using a 3-rd party software, their platform gives you the ability to track and host facebook ad pixels directly in some of your offers.

That’s a major game-changer and a very beneficial development feature for tracking conversions. If you decide to join, make sure you consult your affiliate manager on this feature.

I’m sure you are going to want to check them out, especially for the affiliate benefits and pixel features.

Do you wan to see me do a full walk through of their website and platform? Watch the video below.

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